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  1. Thanks, Keeper... there are times when I do cook a lot, and other times where it sits for months. I gave it a deep clean yesterday and it wasn't moldy, but there was a nice ash sludge at the bottom. Yum. Cleaned it out and lit a fire - all good. I guess I'll just cover it, but I would like to adjust that overbite out if possible.
  2. I found this topic - as I have the exact same issue. Big Joe (original) with replaced new-style hinge and gasket. It works fine, holds smoke (no leaks) but has an overbite exactly like the pictures above- maybe a bit worse. When it rains hard, it seems to catch enough water that it does get wet inside. Is there a fix? Or just deal with it and use a cover? Thanks! Pics:
  3. Sent them pics - they said 'ordering gasket'. I guess they should just be asking 'which gasket do you have' before sending the new style hinge? Mine is a big enough gap that I doubt I could hold temp very well.
  4. Just getting back to this. Yes, instructions were easy.. found it to be a 1 person job. No, no extra hardware was in the box.. used the old acorn nuts Good idea on the ratchet strap - may try that to readjust to see if I can close it up a bit. Just emailed them back about the gap/gasket. With this retrofit one.. even after adjusting to be very light to lift, it seems to only stay open or closed.. but will NOT stay partially open - is this expected with this hinge? I suspect it is.
  5. So - I did get the newer style hinge (with the vertical spring). Installed and it lifts MUCH lighter. Doesn't stay put in semi-opened positions, but it lifts easily and stays fully open. The issues I see.. 1. There's a gap in the back now. I suspected this may happen. I assume I need to switch to the newer style gasket? 2. The lid seems to be shifted forward by about 3/8" Not much, but enough to be noticeable. If it seals well, I don't really care.
  6. Funny -- just checked back in here for the first time in a long while. My Big Joe (bought 2015) hinge seems to have weakened enough to not be able to hold up the lid anymore. Tried adjusting, finally gave up and opened a case.. will be a few weeks for a new hinge. REALLY hope it's the new style - I don't mind changing the gaskets out.
  7. Any update on this? Seems like nothing since Sept. Would have loved this for xmas.
  8. For additional speed - go to Harbor Freight and get the $10 heat gun.. poor man's looftlighter. I can get it pretty hot with that in no time.
  9. Yeah - I think it was just a flare up, because it went away after a bit. I wasn't going to wrap these, but with the nasty smoke, I decided to do so. Temps have been reasonably stable despite the wind... ribs should be coming off shortly.. smelling tasty.
  10. dammit.. 2hrs in and getting white smoke - really windy out, not sure if it's that.. was thin and blue before. GRRR.. hope it's not killing the ribs.
  11. Thanks, all.. I won't sweat it. Is it worth flipping/rotating the racks at all or nah? I tell ya.. 6 racks in the Joe is a lot of cold meat.. taking a while to get back up to temp.
  12. So I'm doing some baby backs for a party this afternoon.. first time I've done 6 racks on my Big Joe, so I'm using a rib rack (picked up the weber one). Since the baby backs are kind of long and floppy - they touch at the ends when in the rack.. how big a deal is this? Never used a rack before. Was wondering if I should stick some toothpicks or something to hold them apart a bit more?
  13. Howdy neighbor... Lake Lanier, checking in.
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