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  1. Thanks, Keeper... there are times when I do cook a lot, and other times where it sits for months. I gave it a deep clean yesterday and it wasn't moldy, but there was a nice ash sludge at the bottom. Yum. Cleaned it out and lit a fire - all good. I guess I'll just cover it, but I would like to adjust that overbite out if possible.
  2. I found this topic - as I have the exact same issue. Big Joe (original) with replaced new-style hinge and gasket. It works fine, holds smoke (no leaks) but has an overbite exactly like the pictures above- maybe a bit worse. When it rains hard, it seems to catch enough water that it does get wet inside. Is there a fix? Or just deal with it and use a cover? Thanks! Pics:
  3. Sent them pics - they said 'ordering gasket'. I guess they should just be asking 'which gasket do you have' before sending the new style hinge? Mine is a big enough gap that I doubt I could hold temp very well.
  4. Just getting back to this. Yes, instructions were easy.. found it to be a 1 person job. No, no extra hardware was in the box.. used the old acorn nuts Good idea on the ratchet strap - may try that to readjust to see if I can close it up a bit. Just emailed them back about the gap/gasket. With this retrofit one.. even after adjusting to be very light to lift, it seems to only stay open or closed.. but will NOT stay partially open - is this expected with this hinge? I suspect it is.
  5. So - I did get the newer style hinge (with the vertical spring). Installed and it lifts MUCH lighter. Doesn't stay put in semi-opened positions, but it lifts easily and stays fully open. The issues I see.. 1. There's a gap in the back now. I suspected this may happen. I assume I need to switch to the newer style gasket? 2. The lid seems to be shifted forward by about 3/8" Not much, but enough to be noticeable. If it seals well, I don't really care.
  6. Funny -- just checked back in here for the first time in a long while. My Big Joe (bought 2015) hinge seems to have weakened enough to not be able to hold up the lid anymore. Tried adjusting, finally gave up and opened a case.. will be a few weeks for a new hinge. REALLY hope it's the new style - I don't mind changing the gaskets out.
  7. Any update on this? Seems like nothing since Sept. Would have loved this for xmas.
  8. For additional speed - go to Harbor Freight and get the $10 heat gun.. poor man's looftlighter. I can get it pretty hot with that in no time.
  9. Yeah - I think it was just a flare up, because it went away after a bit. I wasn't going to wrap these, but with the nasty smoke, I decided to do so. Temps have been reasonably stable despite the wind... ribs should be coming off shortly.. smelling tasty.
  10. dammit.. 2hrs in and getting white smoke - really windy out, not sure if it's that.. was thin and blue before. GRRR.. hope it's not killing the ribs.
  11. Thanks, all.. I won't sweat it. Is it worth flipping/rotating the racks at all or nah? I tell ya.. 6 racks in the Joe is a lot of cold meat.. taking a while to get back up to temp.
  12. So I'm doing some baby backs for a party this afternoon.. first time I've done 6 racks on my Big Joe, so I'm using a rib rack (picked up the weber one). Since the baby backs are kind of long and floppy - they touch at the ends when in the rack.. how big a deal is this? Never used a rack before. Was wondering if I should stick some toothpicks or something to hold them apart a bit more?
  13. Howdy neighbor... Lake Lanier, checking in.
  14. I did the xmas turkey based on this video It was, by FAR, the best turkey I've ever made or eaten..
  15. Haven't tried baking powder. I've always done it with flour.. will try this next time. Looks fantastic!
  16. Yeah- I'm using a maverick at the grill.. plenty of lump. It's not a matter of not being able to hit it - I just get impatient and make adjustments when I don't really need to, apparently. I know, I know.. it's a marathon, not a sprint.
  17. Doing some St Louis ribs today.. was more patient. I gave the Big Joe a bit more time to settle in and heat soak - and it's been pretty much dialed in a 225 for 3+hrs now. Answer: I'm just impatient.
  18. Yes.. it's pretty much this. I made adjustments and it eventually came back to 225... it didn't start climbing past 225 until about the 4th hour of the cook (which would be due to the adjustments). Eventually, it hit about 250 toward the end (which is how I like to finish ribs anyway when I hit them with some glaze). The thing is.. the food comes out great, I just haven't mastered the 'low maintenance' part of it yet. On another note, I tried not foiling ribs this time. They did come out good (everyone liked them) but a TINY bit drier than I like them when foiled.
  19. Well.. I'm 2 hrs into the cook, and it settled back in..but the vents are much more open than they were before putting the meat on. I guess maybe it would have eventually come back up to temp, but on a 4hr cook, an hour below target temp seems like a lot, no?
  20. ..with controlling temperature. I've had my Big Joe for almost a year and use it a LOT.. for both smoking and grilling. Maybe I'm just impatient? For instance - right now I'm doing ribs.. I did a full clean-out today and started with a load of fresh lump (rockwood). I lit it and let it sit for 45-60 minutes and it was settled in nicely right at 225. Put on ribs and, as expected, the temp dropped down to about 185. I tried to be patient and gave it some time.. but it's taken almost an hour to get back up to 210-215.. and that's WITH making some adjustments. Am I just being impatient? Do I need to shoot for a higher temp before putting food on? I just read/hear of so many people with kamados where they'll set it up and leave the house.. let it run all day.. I just don't seem to have that level of trust with it, because I can't seem to get it to just stay put where I want.
  21. Weird..its a Weber product that seems to be only available in Europe.
  22. funny.. whenever I make tasty food - i never get to the 'presentation' bit. Yours looks so pretty! Mine are pile of wings that everyone just grabs for.
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