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  1. I am, but just stocked up on 240# of lump at the Laguna Niguel road show. If you had a Big Joetisserie, I might be there. But I only have a Big and a Jr, no Classic.
  2. I hope the Laguna Niguel road show is starting today as expected... I need charcoal and now have a car big enough to bring a bunch home.
  3. A little disappointed in the delay, as I hoped to have a Christmas party around Dec 3 and use the BigJoetisserie to spin a prime rib for it... But I understand. I guess it's going to have to be a Christmas present for me then
  4. That's a great dish to kick off this month's challenge. Very inventive! And I'll bet they tasted amazing too.
  5. I may or may not have lost a bit of arm hair on this cook lol! Yeah, they were done quickly. Being small and thin, I always worry about getting them just right. I hit them HARD over that massive flame for only ~30-40 sec per side and then moved them up above the deflector. Held them there indirect to finish. In the end, I ended up with them just about perfect. Possibly the best lamb cook I've done so far (granted, I've only done lamb maybe 4-6 times now).
  6. What was most important was that my girlfriend said it is the 2nd-best thing I've ever cooked for her... ...still doesn't compare to my tri-tip
  7. Not sure if I'm the only one with this problem, but I can't reply to the Challenge Entry thread to add my entry. I was able to post it in the main Cooking forum, and obviously was able to reply to this forum, but cannot reply to that message. FYI.
  8. My August challenge entry. Lamb Chops marinated in EVOO, oregano, garlic, S&P. Grilled hot and fast. Served with a greek salad.
  9. I'm jealous, and I wish you great luck and great hiking!
  10. To make matters worse, I can get a new vision B kamado for 400 bucks. Needs a deflector... so while a part of me likes the BJ for 1200 at the Roadshow, 400 for a smaller 18" kamado is hard to resist. 800 dollar savings... could put part of it towards a 26" kettle for large meals.I tell ya, this is conflicting. Do what is right for you and your budget. Doubtful you'd regret a Big Joe, but I regularly cook for ten or more and rarely find myself hurting for cooking space on my Classic Joe. I'd love to have the extra real estate, but in truth, I just don't need it most of the time. I'm not cracking on the guys that opted for the BJ, but unless you cook for a big group regularly(and your budget allows it), the Classic will do you right. If money is tight, the Vision is a good and capable grill. I will say that Kamado Joe's customer service is second to none.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk I jumped on the Vision Classic B... bought it last night. At a $400 price, you should buy 2... I'm not joking. Having multiple cooking temps is a great thing. Being able to roll smoke on ribs in one grill while cooking up vegetables (that you don't want smoke on) in another is great. Being able to pull steaks off a low-temp reverse sear and drop them right onto a screaming hot grill next it it is wonderful. I have no regrets about my Big Joe, nor about my Big Joe / Joe Jr combo, even though the combined cost is far in excess of two Vision Classic B's. But having two grills ready to roll is great, and that Vision will be more versatile as your second grill than a kettle, even though it'll be a few hundred more than a typical kettle.
  11. I personally think that voting for oneself is bad form in this type of competition. Obviously I take great pride in most of my entries. I choose recipes or concepts that I think will be unique, innovative, and visually appealing. And I want to get votes, of course, because this is a competition and getting to 2nd/3rd place is a lot more fun than just getting a participation point. But I as well just don't feel comfortable voting for myself, even when I think my dish is really a contender. I don't know that there should be a "rule" against voting for yourself, but I do think there should be an unspoken agreement not to do so. As for the second point, I do think getting other people to sign up for the site specifically to vote for you, and those people not actually being active members of the site otherwise, falls under "cheating". I mean people who are lurkers rather than actively posting is one thing, but getting friends to join SOLELY to increase your vote total seems to be far beyond acceptable behavior. I think that should be officially considered cheating.
  12. Looks good! I've been thinking of roasting shi####o peppers recently, as I've had them at several restaurants and they're delicious. First time I've seen them done on the grill though...
  13. I feel like I under-bought last time... Having a 2D Jeep Wrangler doesn't lend itself to cargo capacity, and I wasn't going to suggest to the girlfriend that we put charcoal in her Bimmer... Still, I walked away with 160 lbs. Only used 40 so far, but I'm sitting here checking the road show schedule each month to see when the next one close enough to justify stocking up again for the winter will come
  14. There's another tip that I'd heard of but hadn't tried. One day I was trying to bring my Jr up to temp. It was relighting used charcoal for just a quick cook, and it was not cooperating and coming up to temp. My girlfriend was over and I wanted to get to cooking and not keep her waiting. So I grabbed a hair dryer and an extension cord, aimed it in the bottom vent, and VERY quickly I had a roaring fire. I was shocked at how well it worked. So a cheap hair dryer from Walmart might be a good way to get up to temp quicker. If you want to spend a little more for battery power, there's the BBQ Dragon (which I'll probably pick up soon). As everyone said above, airflow is king. So turbocharge it
  15. Why not? I mean, the simplest (and totally valid) answer might be that you just don't think it'll come out how you want brisket to come out... I'm pretty consistent at making "fair to good" brisket, the sort that makes me feel like I shouldn't even attempt to order brisket at most BBQ restaurants here in SoCal. But it's hit or miss on "great" brisket. One of these days I'm going to give this a shot on maybe a ~6-7 lb flat and see how it works.
  16. I'll try my shears to see if they will work left handed. I'm actually left handed but I use knives and scissors like a righty. I use the knives lefty, even though it can be a bit annoying with the beveled knives that are designed for righties. And I can use scissors righty, but it's not natural. So I'd prefer to go lefty.
  17. Yes, as designed. If cooked correctly, they are scrumptious. Yep... It's pretty delicious
  18. Thanks all! I nailed the texture on these... Crisp and crunchy
  19. So a similar question... Anyone know where I can get good poultry shears like this, but in left-handed?
  20. I posted a while back about trying to recreate the crisp, crunchy shell of whole shrimp as I've had them in Asia. The consensus was that trying to do this on a kamado in a "grilling" setting was just not going to work. It really needs to be fried. So I ignored the idea for a while and put it to the back of my mind. But, with the Asian challenge coming up, I needed something special. And I've got the wok, so I figured that I can fry on the kamado if I need to. So I did Recipe here. Not shown was all the time spent deveining shrimp, cutting off tentacles and the sharp bits on the head, etc. That took a while!!! Next step was to toast some white peppercorn, grind it, and then toast some sea salt as well. Here's the peppercorn on the stove: After prepping garlic, scallion and hot peppers, I got everything ready to go over at the grill. Here's some of the shrimp frying in the wok. And shrimp after dusting with the salt & pepper mix: Not shown was the final stir fry step where I incorporated the garlic, scallion, peppers and the shrimp. This was also done on the Kamado. Also not shown was my girlfriend cooking up some garlic noodles on the stove. But here's the money shot: Salt & Pepper Shrimp with Garlic Noodles
  21. What is your method for freezing? My understanding for food safety reasons you want to freeze the food as QUICKLY as possible. I haven't had a need to freeze and then reheat, but if I were to do so, I would probably pull the food right out of the sous vide bath and get it into ice water immediately. Leave in the ice water long enough for the IT of the meat to drop well into the low 30's, then toss in the freezer.
  22. Nah, since I already did this recipe for the ribs challenge, I wasn't going to do it again. I did find that the Persian grocery store right down the street from me has the protein I need for my July challenge entry. That's going to be fun, and hopefully make for a good photo too
  23. Not following the logic on this, the firebowl is covered under lifetime warranty with free shipping, if you crack 10 of them, they'll send you 10 with a smile. What's the point of asking for them to expend a new one if your not going to use it? Idea being you have a spare, since the cracked firebox is still usable. So you use the original until it cracks again (if it ever does) and actually *needs* to be replaced. I actually think the better idea if you were trying to maximize your protection would be to put the new one in and keep the old cracked one in the garage as a spare. Then, if the new one cracks, you can get it replaced and have two spare [cracked] fireboxes. But that second idea, to me, seems just a little bit more like you're taking advantage of KJ's wonderful warranty support, which just seems a little underhanded.
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