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  1. I just can’t get enough...

    I found out this weekend I don’t like chimichurri, thanks to posts like yours, my curiosity peaked and now I know, haha!
  2. Skirt steak and roast veggies

    That’s a fantastic pic of everything on the grill! Looks delicious!
  3. Craigslist find: name that grill

    I don’t really have a desire for it, just thought it was interesting
  4. Looks like a Komodo, as far as the tile, but looks like it has a gas hookup https://chattanooga.craigslist.org/bar/d/kamado-grill-smoker/6443923722.html
  5. Super easy and so good. Also have squash bacon onion and Parmesan stuffed zucchini! Had a “stuff it” challenge on our local Facebook group. Fun dish that will now be a regular rotation since the three year old loved it!
  6. Wings for the Super Bowl. Made a traditional buffalo and my favorite: hot honey mustard! smoked them at 200 till around 110 ish IT then deep fried them. Turned out fantastic, though if I was making them for just me I would have turned up the heat a little!
  7. Some recent cooks

    Here is the recipe video that I followed for the most part Of course minus the beef cheek
  8. Some recent cooks

    Here is some more shots of the cabbage/slaw. This will be made every time I do pulled pork
  9. Some recent cooks

    It was fantastic. I cored out the stem, and filled with a olive oil bbq seasoning and garlic. Smoked it for a little over 2 hrs. Then, chopped it and made a slaw out of it with all that wonderful goodness.
  10. Some recent cooks

    It was pretty good this month, honestly I kind of got the idea from this site. Usually a little more generic as far as the challenges go (for example this months was just to use cast iron on the grill) and definitely aren’t as many pretty plated shots! right now we have just a few members, but had some cool ideas, such as a paella, and a spaghetti and meatball dish. Not as involved and specific as this sites, but a fun way to get everybody that participates trying something new. Also it’s not kamado specific although there are several kamado owners on there. Hopefully it will grow and really become Interesting, as of right now most people on there are connected to another member (friend family etc). Winner chooses the next months challenge.
  11. Haven’t posted any in awhile, mainly have been sharing in a local fb group (looking to add members lol) but here’s some cooks. Ribs with smoked slaw Some smash burgers and a blackened shrimp po’ boy for the cast iron challenge on the fb group
  12. Marmalade glazed pork loin

    Looks wonderful
  13. This cook was inspired by this john seztler video I picked up some one tenderloin and was browsing the forum and that video piqued my interest. I wanted to put my own spin on it and use some items I commonly have on hand (sans Thai pepper jelly which was given to me by another KJ enthusiast at work.) I don't normally post recipes but it was so fantastic I will this time! as I said I was inspired by that video, so I made a similar brine, with things I usually have on hand 1/4 cup cider vinegar 1/2 cup orange juice 2 tablespoons red pepper flake teaspoon cayenne tablespoon garlic powder brined for roughly 6 hrs then I made my glaze 6 tablespoons melted butter cup of Thai pepper jelly ( I believe your favorite pepper jelly will work just fine) 2 tablespoons cider vinegar 1 tablespoon garlic powder teaspoon of salt and pepper for the rub the video calls for dried mustard brown sugar etc. a quick glance at my "rub some butt" ingredients and bam, I'm halfway home 3 tablespoons rub some butt Pinch of brown sugar tablespoon chili powder teaspoon of cayenne Sorry no pics of the glaze and rub (didn't think about it) Remove pork from brine and pat dry apply rub on all sides and for the fun part pour glaze onto a pan heated the grill up to about 350 and grilled just as shown in the video,cooking direct and turning frequently. With about every other turn take the meat and roll in the glaze. repeat untill charred to taste. move to indirect heat and baste remaining glaze two or three times. Pull tenderloin from the grill when internal temp hits 145, and let rest. enjoy! This may have been one of the best dishes to come off my kamado to date ( and I've had a lot of good ones!)