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  1. Never used an electric starter, but with a starter cube light one in the center for low and slow, and bring to temp slowly. Kind of like the old saying “aim small, miss small” when shooting for low temps! Also, have fun, and don’t sweat a “magic number” let it settle anywhere between 220-265ish and Let it ride!
  2. Raw, I think it may be better roasted though
  3. Ha funny thing about that picture is there’s nothing cooking on the grill when i took it . The chicken was resting and I hadn’t started on the actual chili yet lol
  4. Started this one out by smoking a whole bird @~235 , pulled it off and pulled it, and added it back to the chili in the Dutch oven, also made a unique avocado and tomatillo crèma. It was really, really tasty!
  5. Maybe? Not much for sure, also part of the “Experiment” was to give it a few spritz throughout the cook (not something I normally bother doing.) it was still pretty moist though.
  6. I cross hatched the meat side of this but down about a half - 3/4 of an inch then added the rub (honey hog and red pepper flakes) couldnt really tell tell a difference but, if you don’t try, how will you know? Ha!
  7. As much as I enjoy doing fancy/different cooks, at the end of the day, a good burger with plain ‘ol Tater chips is hard to beat.
  8. This one was great! sausage, eggs, cheese and hashbrowns with bacon jam to finish. Incredible.
  9. Never tried it, although I plan too. Right now the mrs and youngest daughter (1yo) are having to cut out dairy for digestive reasons
  10. I cooked between 350/375. Skin had a good texture. Obviously it wasn’t super crispy when basting on bbq sauce, but it maintained a slight crispness with great flavor
  11. Spartchcocked a a 5lb chicken today. Brined with salt, water, meat church’s the gospel and minced garlic for about 6 hrs, then patted it dry and hit it with their season all and a little more garlic. Finished by brushing with Stubbs bbq sauce. Turned out great!
  12. They were really good,really simple though. Just ground beef Italian sausage blen. S&P garlic powder and Italian seasoning with some Parmesan and ritz crackers
  13. Three on some meatballs for an easy Sunday night dinner, tuned out really well!
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