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  1. That's a high dollar thermometer you have there, why havent i been using my meter lol
  2. That sauce is from a restaurant that started here in Chattanooga. Good not great is pretty accurate on the place as a whole lol
  3. Plated with scratch au gratin taters and crock pot green beans
  4. Started the tenderloin at about three o'clock low n slow, chicken will go on later . Injected with a apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice blend, and rubbed with a homemade rub also made the Carolina BBQ sauce I found on here.
  5. Pork chops for the first cook with worcestshire and soy with a little Montreal steak seasoning, for number 2 were chicken breast with olive oil Montreal chicken seasoning thyme and dried cilantro and baked taters on the grill. Enjoying the new grill tremendously
  6. Hello all, been reading the forums for a month or two soaking up knowledge from you gurus. Purchased an akorn this week and two cooks in I'm loving it! I learned the art of smoking from a local popular BBQ resturant and have always enjoyed it, own a stick burner that has served me well, but I can't wait to master the kamado!
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