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  1. I do a lot of high heat cooking during the week but reduce my consumption by getting the heat source closer to the food. Requires less lump, starts quickly and puts a mean sear on. I also use a divided setup for smaller cooks
  2. We just got some $2.99 prime packers in ATL last week. Picked up a 15.7 lb that's going to get the oak ridge treatment in a few days. Also see choice packers at Walmart for $3.47 but it's been as low as $2 on clearance
  3. That's a pretty cool rig! Who makes that? I like the worm drive. I liked the Haoone for cuts like picanha because or the wide skewers. There were others I looked at that were small square rods that I thought would just spin inside the meat.
  4. The unit is sold on Amazon as a Haoone grill rotisserie. I didn't use the cheap motor it comes with. Instead I used one of the skewers to cut down and make a drive shaft to fit my universal rotisserie motor
  5. The left side is full of gears. Every skewer spins opposite the one next to it. Picanha came out incredible
  6. For the next installment of my Bootleg rotisserie series I am excited to present the 'Redneck Rodizio'. Recreating the picanha of Brazilian churrasco was my first motivation in exploring rotisserie. While I certainly could spin a picanha on the bootleg big Joetisserie, it isn't so easy to remove, slice off the cooked exterior, season and return to the grill as they do in churrascarias. This rig was $60 and will let me spin several skewers at once. I will be giving this setup a go tonight with 3.5 lbs of picanha.
  7. I don't believe there is a Kontrol Tower for the Jr. I use the smokeware and have been pretty pleased.
  8. Constant band adjustment was one of the reasons I got rid of my BGE. Glad to see they finally acknowledged the issue and did something about it. Looks similar to the Grill Dome band.
  9. There is a universal kit like mine that Lowes and Walmart carry that would probably work well. It comes with a spit support designed to rest on the grate, but I bet you could attach it inside the Akorn and then you'd only need one hole through the body for the spit to go through and mount the motor bracket to the outer shell.
  10. Akorn should be easy. Just drill holes in it and plug the hole when not in use. I believe that's how blaze kamado set theirs up.
  11. I used 3/8 x 3-5 inch stainless hex or carriage bolts, nuts and washers. I've made 3 layers with descending grid sizes. 23", 20" 18.5"
  12. On mine those tabs keep it positioned in the opening of the firebox. I can't remove it without lifting my firebox. As you said, it also guides the drawer back into the tray
  13. Another cook on the Bootleg Joetisserie tonight. Was able to seal well enough to snuff out my charcoal and had excellent temp control across the range
  14. Could go with one of these
  15. Sounds exciting! Whether you add another cooker or not, there is definitely space to take advantage of with extra racks. I have a 3/4 tier setup that I've built for my big joe. Have some refining to do, but I don't really have need to cook as much as I am able. 24" KJ grid + 23" vision grid + 20" CGS + 18.5" Weber grid (KJ expander shown for testing). Depending on thickness of meat I can add or remove layers as needed.