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  1. Official release date has been announced as 11/15/2017. Mark your calendars!
  2. You could be right, but I think we can all agree to hope that I am. From what I'm told the hardware is very solid and the only real details being worked out were with packaging. The app had a total overhaul in the last month and is nearing completion. There are a host of additional features to be added to the app in future releases, but that can all happen once the device is on shelves. My personal speculation is that Bobby's comments on 'Testing' and 'Power Users' were more of a stall tactic to keep people in the market from buying a competitors product. Bobby has had a unit since he got back from China a few weeks ago and I am sure he has been testing it. Well see in a couple more weeks at the Block Party
  3. Not sure the basis for your pessimism, but the iKAMAND hardware is production ready and the first release of the app is close. Id be stunned if these are not available for order in September or October.
  4. I expect it well before next year. The iKAMAND and basket will be at the JOEnation Atlanta Block Party on 8/26. There may still be some tweaking to do, but most if not all of that will be in the software side.
  5. As I said... I'm going off of what Bobby told me. The reps at HQ have their hands full with the 'here and now' so I don't imagine they're that interested in spreading rumors about what's upcoming.
  6. To clarify a couple of points, the addition of the charcoal basket is not to enable airflow, but to facilitate easy and thorough cleanup so the iKAMAND doesn't blow ash everywhere in rapid start mode. Also, it is not a concept. These are in production and should be available relatively soon. If I had to guess I'd say very similar timing to the iKAMAND itself.
  7. I actually prefer the option of solid or open. I prefer solid for most cooks, especially a small 2 zone cook. For rotisserie I think divided but open is better. Once I have the KJ basket I will likely make a solid divider to fit it as well
  8. I also don't have much to fabricate metal parts with. I just used a jigsaw and a bench vise. If I had better stuff, I'd have made something beefier and a little more stable. For the $10 I spent I've been very happy with the function. Reality is, I will never wear it out because I'll have the KJ version well before this quits.
  9. That would be super heavy and expensive. At that point I wouldn't bother DIYing one. Mine is 1/32" and is probably sufficient to last 3-5 years. Some 1/16 to 1/8" would be plenty. It's not really under any significant load in use
  10. That's about how I made mine. THD only had very light steel, which is working fine but won't hold up long term. Lowes had some heavier stuff if you have the tools to work with it
  11. I do a raised and divided setup that very effectively creates two zones. My divider does block the bottom, but I've also gotten good results using a deflector plate to isolate the indirect side.
  12. I would prefer to see a solid divider panel because I use my divider to isolate a second zone for some cooks. Won't be hard to fashion one to fit those built in slots
  13. Not that I've seen. Also not sure it's necessary
  14. I think there will be a lot of that going on in the months ahead
  15. KJs will be very heavy duty stainless. I believe the bottom bars are 10mm rod.
  16. That's a nice looking divider. What did you make it out of? This is the one KJ will be releasing shortly with their ash basket
  17. KJ will be coming out with an ash basket that integrates with the D&C which includes a divider. DIY also works perfectly well. Just won't last 10 years unless you have better fabrication skills than me
  18. At first glance I'd guess it has to do with the connector. Not a lot of real estate on the iKamand for 4 connectors like that
  19. I could see an advantage to a Pit probe going to the 600 range if you wanted to use a controller for pizza cooks. In the past I've only really used my partyQ on long cooks, but with the rapid start feature I'd be inclined to use it when cooking at higher temps as well
  20. Bobby was really happy with the state of the hardware last week, but said the app/UI was a real let down. They're starting from the ground up with a new developer which will take a few weeks. Once it's a 10/10 test units will go out to the beta group for some hands on feedback. We can be assured Mr. Setzler will be among that group. I'm sure things will move along pretty quickly after that
  21. It's actually superior manure due to the larger lumps of poop
  22. Haters gonna hate Not sure how a one piece temp controller that can live full time on your kamado isn't innovative. I'm not sure how a fan that can fit into that small housing and pump out 3X the volume of typical 2 piece controller isn't innovative. I'm not sure how finding a way to offer a more full featured product with equal or greater quality at a lower price isn't innovative. Bobby and his team are great marketers, but they also deliver the goods to back it up. Their fans and brand loyalty is hard earned and fought for every day with top notch customer service and end user engagement. Do you see BGE or anyone else out there openly asking for customer input as they design the product they will ultimately sell? Like I said, don't buy it if you don't want one, but this will be a great product for a lot of folks and will open the doors for many new kamado users.
  23. Unless you are cooking on a soapstone or cast iron, heat soak doesn't really matter for quick cooks like steak. You are cooking your steak over the direct radiant and convective heat from the charcoal, not the oven like environment of a low and slow where heat soak provides temp stability
  24. I think "the list" is a bit enigmatic. If I was guessing, it's going to be folks that Bobby trusts to provide constructive feedback on any needed improvements before going into full production. If you don't already fit that criteria, then it may be another few weeks until you can get one from a production batch
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