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  1. plus $11 to ship it. I think that is very expensive for what it is.
  2. I can't tell for sure but I think they don't ship to Canada and if they did I would bet the shipping cost would be astronomical.... oh the joy of living where we do... :-) smokeshackwoodchunks dot com been there. done that. very happy.
  3. because my wife gets upset if I light lump in the oven
  4. Looks like a bit more than a week for you to get a KJ
  5. best part for me was talking to my Dad on the phone.
  6. cool. back in the days, I had a 5L Mustang
  7. Welcome, nice find Looks like Louisiana Grill from Canadian Tire
  8. douglas

    Big News!

    KJ is in Lowes Canada now
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