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  1. plus $11 to ship it. I think that is very expensive for what it is.
  2. I can't tell for sure but I think they don't ship to Canada and if they did I would bet the shipping cost would be astronomical.... oh the joy of living where we do... :-) smokeshackwoodchunks dot com been there. done that. very happy.
  3. because my wife gets upset if I light lump in the oven
  4. Looks like a bit more than a week for you to get a KJ
  5. best part for me was talking to my Dad on the phone.
  6. cool. back in the days, I had a 5L Mustang
  7. Welcome, nice find Looks like Louisiana Grill from Canadian Tire
  8. douglas

    Big News!

    KJ is in Lowes Canada now
  9. douglas

    Big News!

    congrats. when you are looking for Canadians to help sample and promote your product remember me :-)
  10. I dont know. Climbing that pizza stone looks pretty brave to me. Nice pizza For those that do know - no f'n way.
  11. Cooked with it twice today. Bacon and pancakes first. Bacon was perfect. Pancakes not so much. Griddle not hot enough. Scared of a fire so cooked at 350. Not enough. Burger for lunch. 425. Much better. Smoking hot. Meat was dancing off the cast iron. Gonna cut off handle. More flexibility. It just fits now but the handle has to be at gasket level only. Want to be able to raise or lower it.
  12. Im ok. It does scrape but the dome has enough play that i can push griddle a bit so it closes without hitting anything. Yes it is off center a bit but i will use diffuser so i should be good. Even though its preseasoned i did it anyway. I like it. Good surface to cook on i think.
  13. Thanks for showing. Tartar sauce homemade?
  14. IMO the firebowl and inside dome layer is what benefits from ceramics. Its the cooking chamber and ceramics is better at radiating heat back into the center of the grill area. I am thinking of lining my Akorn firebowl with refactory bricks. I will lose some lump space but gain radiant heat. Not much i can do about the dome. Or is there...
  15. Lodge 12 in sq griddle fits my Akorn but the handle does scrape the dome as it closes. I am able to latch dome and no leaks. Do i need to worry about the handle touching dome as i cook?
  16. I thought this is where u want ceramics in order to heat soak.
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