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  1. I tried making it Lardog. It was pretty bitter/acidic. Had to balance it out with a cup of brown sugar for my wife to eat it. I have the unedited sauce for coating of the pork butt, im thinking of injecting it or coating it on the outside for the rub to form a nice bark
  2. this is great info. I always wanted to try a brisket, but the price of the cut makes me hesitate every time
  3. thank you guys, I will try it out this weekend without any tweaks and then see if they are needed.
  4. I just bought an auber for the GCK however I keep reading about settings that are recommended from our site. I tried the search function and after 20 or so different posts I decided to ask the community. Does anyone have the link to the settings? Thanks!
  5. I need to try making a chicken this weekend.
  6. that looks gorgeous. I hope that you also put photos up for your ribs
  7. I would like to see a photo of the magnet when you are shutting it down.
  8. I would like more photos about the magnet method. I realized that my TTT does not close very well when i attempt to shut down the akorn. I need to install the stock vent back up and use the silicone method or so.
  9. the TTT gives me mixed responses. I was thinking about getting the iq110.
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