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  1. I picked one up a couple weeks ago...was pretty expensive, and I felt guilty about it at first, but I had an overnight cook, a temperamental akorn, and a need for some sleep. So I splurged...and I am really happy that I did. This unit not only keeps my pit at a stable temp, it adds a bit of fun with the ability to control everything from my cell phone, as well as graphs to review. I like data. I like gadgets. I approve. Cheers.
  2. I use a coffee grinder as well, and when my wife drank coffee I made sure it was hidden to prevent accidental bean grindage, as she had her own for that reason.
  3. I have both sizes of stones. I prefer the 14 inch, but have never really had issues when using the 16 inch in a pinch.
  4. Mmm, I bet it tastes great on a skewer with some peppers and onions. Look at it as free protein I grew up in the icy cold North and had to deal with wolves and bears sauntering by as I waited for the school bus. Guess you can find scary things anywhere if you look hard enough.
  5. I'd eat that up. All that matters is that your tummy was appeased.
  6. Looks great! Where did you order the rubs from? I can't seem to find a good deal on shipping anywhere.
  7. Personally, I've had bad luck with Quebracho...I found it too smokey and mine smelled of plastic/rubber..., so if there are smaller bags available for order I would try that before committing to 40lbs like I did. It is popular around here, so I could of just received a bad bag...there were definitely some great big chunks and no garbage...just a really awful smell on start up. I mainly use a Canadian brand, Maple Leaf...they used to be distributed in the U.S, but not sure if they are any longer.
  8. It was a sausage and cheese to be exact!
  9. Pffft, half the rack.. you casual! I will take IT ALL!
  10. Just a quick snap with my phone...one of the racks coming off the smoker:
  11. Welcome Barry! You can usually fill your Kamado with lump...this will eliminate your concerns about not having enough charcoal. How did you light your Joe?
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