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  1. I made a handle from a magnet and a wooden knob from a hardware store. Pair it with a large washer on the inside of the pan, and you can turn a disposable aluminum pan into one.
  2. America's Test Kitchen's take on hard boiled eggs.
  3. WOW!!! and with Hatch chilies too. BTW love Mel Brooks movies
  4. Guru's - Just tried this to go with my grilled brats tonight. I thought this was the perfect side dish. I modified it by only putting in half the sugar the dressing called for. Will definitely be making it again. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/06/mustard-coleslaw-recipe.html
  5. Looks great and tasty. Love the Jr, have one also. Question, what is the Lodge CI, is it a skillet with the handle cut off? What size? I've been trying to figure out a CI solution for the Jr.
  6. Monte, thank you for your service. Semper Fi brother VMCJ3 & VMCJ1 1970-74
  7. Looks nice. What is the material or gasket between the Jr. and the stainless top?
  8. Thank you all, USMC 1970-1974
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