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  1. Karlh

    Young Baconstein

    WOW!!! and with Hatch chilies too. BTW love Mel Brooks movies
  2. Guru's - Just tried this to go with my grilled brats tonight. I thought this was the perfect side dish. I modified it by only putting in half the sugar the dressing called for. Will definitely be making it again. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/06/mustard-coleslaw-recipe.html
  3. Karlh

    Camping with Jr

    Looks great and tasty. Love the Jr, have one also. Question, what is the Lodge CI, is it a skillet with the handle cut off? What size? I've been trying to figure out a CI solution for the Jr.
  4. Karlh

    The Black Apron

    Monte, thank you for your service. Semper Fi brother VMCJ3 & VMCJ1 1970-74
  5. Karlh

    Table for Kamado Joe Jr

    Looks nice. What is the material or gasket between the Jr. and the stainless top?
  6. Karlh

    Veterans Day !!!

    Thank you all, USMC 1970-1974