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  1. 1 (10 pound) whole turkey, neck and giblets removed 4 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tablespoons seasoned salt ½ cup butter 2 (12 fluid ounce) cans cola-flavored carbonated beverage 1 apple, quartered 1 onion, quartered 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon ground black pepper Directions Instructions Checklist Ste
  2. I am smoking my first turkey early in the morning and had a quick question. The recipe says to loosely foil, but I was curious if that would impede the smoke flavor. What say ye? Cover or not. It will be about a 12.5 hr. cook. Thanks in advance, John
  3. That's OK. My brother graduated Michigan and his wife was Ohio State. It can get interesting during football season.
  4. I have an Akorn and a Pit Boss and was giggling to myself when reading about some of the mods and add on accessories that we get for our grills. Am I the only one who has spent more money for the accessories for one or more of their grills than they cost to begin with? Granted I got the PB at the Costco, but the accessories are almost as much. The Akorn I surpassed long ago. I haven't even started on the mini Akorn yet. What say ye?
  5. I love their products. At this price, they're worth it. Drinkware or the coolers with the wait. Good stuff.
  6. I had some issues with the top damper leaking a little also. It was not enough to keep the fire from going out. I believe that as you do more cooks, the "soot" and smoke will "gum" it enough that it will no longer leak. That is the experience I had with my Akorn as well. A few more cooks and I don't think you will have a problem. YMMV. JM
  7. Got one today in Broken Arrow, OK (suburb of Tulsa) for 128. They had four. Assembly was easy, but now I'm going to have to figure out a diffuser. I am going to see if I can make a 12 inch pan work. Does anyone else have any ideas Overall, it looks like it will be a great addition. JM
  8. I just picked one up and the manual says curing it helps make sure that the gaskets are set. It recommends to burn a handful of lump at about 200-250 until it burns out. About 2-3 hours. It also states to not do this with a full fire bowl.
  9. I had the bottom vent all the way open as well as the top. Maybe I was just being a little impatient and thought it would climb faster. Also, it's been humid and rainy here, so maybe the leftover lump is a little damp and that is hindering the temperature.
  10. After some experimenting, I finally got the TTT dialed in where it needs to be for low and slow. However, the last two regular BBQ cooks, it doesn't want to get above 350 or so. I have cranked the setting up and it just doesn't seem to want to get higher. I had considered leaving the TTT on full time, but if I can't get above the 350, I'm outta luck. Has anyone else had this issue, or any solutions? Thanks in advance.
  11. I've got nothing... I want to throw in the towel. Your cooks are amazing and (if nothing else) set the bar at a level that I could possible hope to aspire to. Congrats. JM
  12. I'm sure they'll come out great...but the first thing my eye was drawn to was the Breitling. Expensive habits...
  13. I think that will be great for the camp. Good price on the brisket. I saw some up here for about that price, but I don't have any more freezer space. I guess I need to start cooking more. JM
  14. Good evening, There are a couple places here in Tulsa that do their burgers with a blend of brisket, top sirloin, and tenderloin. I've had them and they are really good. I called my meat market and had them take a flat and grind that finely with an equal amount of top sirloin and put it in two pound packages. Made burgers that night for my son and a couple of friends, and DARN, it was like butter. I am hooked. I don't know that I would bastardize it in a meatloaf, but the cuts and the fat content were spot on, and worth the extra couple bucks per pound. If you haven't tried it befo
  15. Northeast OK Sprouts had a surf and turf special that was 5 oz tails for 5.99 and T bones for 6.99/lb. I loaded up. The freezer is full for next couple of weekends.
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