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  1. Looks great. Any specific dough mix?
  2. There was a sweet tea / lemonade mix off to the left, yes. Had about three, then decided it wasn't cutting it and switched to ice water instead.
  3. How else should you spend the hottest day of the year (so far) than with hot food right off the grill? Even better if the local market is selling fresh steamed crabs for 40% less than all three seafood places in town. To keep this "discussion", here's the mustard based glaze I used for the ribs, with extra on the side for dipping in the pot located in the top-left corner. Equal Parts (I used a half cup): Yellow mustard Worcestershire sauce Butter Dark brown sugar, packed Add in a splash of apple cider vinegar, then heat to a gentle
  4. I have used the oven at 170 (lowest setting) to hold a brisket that cooked faster than expected, but I still take it to 195+ on the grill. I could maybe, maybe see using the crock pot for pseudo burnt ends from the point. Reach 165 internal, separate the point, cube it, toss with sauce and let it go for a while. Keep the flat on the grill to finish on its own.
  5. If I were to actually plan this one, I'd probably leave out the lemon, top with peaches instead, then use the free slot for grilled asparagus or corn on the cob. Sadly, three days later the grocery store is already out of those peaches.
  6. As the title suggests, this was not meant to be a challenge entry. I just happened to pull up the forum after putting the chicken on the grill to see the July Challenge up and realize my dinner on the kamado fit perfectly. Five ingredients: Chicken breasts, split in half Peach halves (freestone!) Lemon Goat Cheese Balsamic vinegar According to the challenge guidelines, the olive oil and lemon thyme do not count toward the total. For the chicken: Split the breasts if they're too thick. Slice the lemon four or five times, then ju
  7. Sugar won't burn until about 350, so for 325 and below you're getting good caramelized goodness. If you're worried about mess, use a drip pan if possible, or apply the sugary part near the end of your cook so it has less time to drip or burn.
  8. I think I need to call my local butcher to check what's in stock. Heavens that looks amazing.
  9. I used to, but now that I usually cook them around 300-325 I don't. The stall doesn't last long enough to be a real bother, and I can add juices or vinegar right when I start shredding if i want those flavors.
  10. After three hours of braising, I took the meat off the bone to let all of it sit in the juices together. A half hour later, I brought it in and started reducing some of the liquid. Got a real nice smoke ring and some excellent flavor. Served it up on mini naan flatbreads with garlic hummus, tzatziki sauce, and olives. The Mrs. paid the ultimate compliment and went back for seconds.
  11. Onto the braising. A little concerned about the internal temp, it's already 120 and the chef mentioned staying around 145. Then I remembered he's always obsessed with never going past medium, and checking recipes online show many braising for 3 hours at 350, so I'm going to just go with it. Trying for something closer to shawarma, anyway, so tenderness is the most important thing. Bonus: I have an excuse to get an even larger cast iron skillet!
  12. Picked up a 6 lb. bone-in lamb leg before Easter, but with family not getting together the 12 lb. ham was more than enough. This will be my first lamb cook, so here's hoping. Following some advice from a chef I know, I'll be going 225 the whole way, smoking for an hour or two, then switching up to braising it. Updates to come.
  13. I had a similar thing (I think) with my PartyQ. Eventually figured it out. If I don't get the cover on and it rains, some moisture will get into the kamado. The next time I use it, everything will look dry, but the heat will start to release the water. If I'm not going for 400+ (unlikely if I'm using a controller) there's not enough heat at the very bottom to evaporate the moisture. It'll pool at the bottom and into the fan housing. One time I even had ice form in there.
  14. Thanks for the kind words. As of yesterday, the leftovers of the leftovers are all gone!
  15. Thanks. This is what I had been planning, just had to switch the baking from the oven to the grill. I should also note the inspiration came from https://www.mexicoinmykitchen.com/easy-enchiladas-suizas-recipe-tomatillo/#wprm-recipe-container-5442 I yell at my students enough about citations that I couldn't look them in the eye otherwise.
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