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  1. MD_Ag

    Free Stone Peaches are here !

    I've been waiting for this. Our local orchard keeps saying "not yet", so I'll have to check in again.
  2. My brother in law is a chef, and while I often give side eye and many of his pronouncements, he does make good pork belly. He never slices it, only cubes it. That way you'll always get a good surface of seasoning with each bite.
  3. MD_Ag

    Finally finished my table.

    That is gorgeous. Gonna need to move a table from my "someday" list to the "maybe in the next five years" list.
  4. MD_Ag


    Looks really tasty.
  5. Didn't have the time for round two of the pizza cook-off, so I figured I owed the group another pizza cook. This isn't the one I had planned, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Peaches: actually just one, sliced thin. Pork Belly: already "thin sliced" from Wegman's, so feel free to use regular bacon. It's what I usually do. Partially cooked it in a cast iron pan in some butter, then pulled it out, coated with brown sugar, and finished in a toaster oven. Pizza Crust: one of those flat bread squares you can find in most stores. This isn't my "homemade" entry, after all. Coat the crust with a layer of ricotta cheese. I've also used goat cheese in similar dishes. Arrange the peaches in a layer. Top with the candied pork belly (cut into pieces). Add in some freshly grated gouda, then chopped basil (regular and lemon). Cook around 425. I should have used the deflector, as a fairly big spot in the middle got quite toasted (many would say burnt). I kept that half for me, gave the better half to the missus.
  6. MD_Ag

    Ribs what doing wrong

    1) Every piece of meat is different. You could do the same thing and get different results. 2) Wrapping ribs is basically like braising them, so they'll become more tender. If you don't want them "fall off the bone", try not wrapping them.
  7. Carroll. No access to Costco or RD, BJ's only ever has flats for $5.99/lb (usually just choice). Usually go to a local butcher that will knock his price down to $5.49 since I want the untrimmed packer. Best I found this year was a packer at Martin's on sale for $3.99, and that one didn't turn out great. Thickest fat cap I've ever seen. I accepted long ago that this was going to be an expensive hobby. Can't really blame others for being enthusiastic and driving up the price of so called "cheap, unwanted cuts" when I'm one of them.
  8. Cook looks great, but now you've got me wondering about brisket prices in Texas. I saw full packers at HEB for $1.79/lb a few years back. The best I can find here in MD is close to $6. Have beef prices gone up that much everywhere, or am I just living in the wrong state to smoke a brisket more than once a year?
  9. I know it was a typo, but " 32 pounds of port shoulder went on last night" has got me thinking about a tawny port marinade or sauce. It's already got built in oak flavor. Congrats for all you have to celebrate!
  10. Thanks all for the kind replies. This probably will be my entry for the month, as I can't think of any other styles I'd like to try. Also, I can confirm that the goat cheese sauce does go very well with salmon.
  11. Made a nice pot roast variant using a plate of short ribs cooked over a pan of mixed veggies yesterday afternoon. Probably needed to cook for another hour, but the missus was hungry. Then comes the question of what to do with all the extra meat. Well, we've got a pizza challenge on, don't we? Started with the sauce. About one cup of heavy cream, 6 oz of goat cheese, two cloves of minced garlic, a dab of butter, and a few crushed basil leaves. Heat until the sauce is thick and creamy. This will make enough sauce for several pizzas, but I plan on using the leftovers later with a salmon dish. The dough was a pillsbury thin crust I picked up on sale. Assemble with the sauce, then rib meat, fresh basil, and extra crumbled goat cheese on top. As the wife doesn't like spice too much, only my side got a dash of cayenne, while the whole thing got a sprinkling of dried herbs. While all this was going on, the grill got up to around 650+ according to the dome thermometer. The pizza dough came with a piece of parchment paper, so I just used that to slide it on and off the stone. It got burnt up, but didn't stick to the crust or stone, so I'd say it did its job. I let it cook for about six minutes or so, checking a few times for progress (the package said sixteen minutes, hah!). Used a flat metal pan to remove from the grill, then brought it in to slice. A quick check on the bottom... ...and we are ready to plate: As for the final tasting verdict, I always take it as a positive sign when my wife finishes her plate faster than I do mine. Good thing I picked up a second roll of dough. Pizza night might be coming around more often!
  12. Bought a slab of beef short ribs yesterday to make a few meals out of. Usually when I buy the untrimmed slab they have a thick layer of fat on top. That was true for this piece, but then there was a half inch thick layer of meat with another layer of fat. I don't believe it's part of the normal rib, and it's very lean, but I have no idea what it is. Right now I'm saving it, possibly to slice thin and cook for fajitas. Ideas on what I have in my freezer?
  13. MD_Ag

    Young Baconstein

    I might've voted for this based on the gifs alone, but now I have to give it actual consideration. Amazing layer work.
  14. Imagine all that on a hash brown patty with a splash of Tabasco on top. Great looking cook!
  15. Looks great. I imagine the mat with its two layers would be great for mini brisket sliders.