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  1. It is! Thanks for the reminder. I was so tired last night I forgot to add a link to the Challenge thread.
  2. Going for an old favorite of mine, but this time using the grill rather than the stove top. Obviously crab cakes would be preferred, but salmon works well as a substitute when on a budget. One pan is all you need so long as you can clean it out enough when necessary. Salmon cakes: 4 cans (5 oz. each) of salmon, well drained 1 egg Mayo Mustard Old Bay Breadcrumbs The goal is to use as little binder as possible. I probably should have used a second egg, but they mostly held up. Latkes: Follow the ingredient list on the box.
  3. Thanks all. Throwing the rib bones in the toaster oven for a few minutes made a mighty tasty snack. And when you're the butcher, shiners don't have to be a thing.
  4. Hadn't cooked a rib roast before, but a sale that takes the price from $11/lb to $6/lb seemed like a good time to try. The slab was only two bones but still 6.5 pounds, with good marbling on the sides from what I could tell. Saw many different options for cooking, but I decided to go with 250 °F. The estimate here said about 2½ hours, but it ended up needing 3¾ hours to hit 126 °F in the center. I saw that it was going longer, so I delayed the start of the sides. Still had a bit of a wait, but things kept warm well enough. I was very pleased with how everything turned out and may t
  5. 1) C + O2 -> CO2, Heat of formation = -393.5 kJ/mol 2) Once the oxygen in a closed kamado is used up, it's gone until the vents or hinge are opened to allow more in. The thermal energy generated during combustion will in part stay in the unburned charcoal, serving as a source of the activation energy needed to begin combustion once oxygen is reintroduced, or until normal thermodynamic equilibrium is established with the surroundings (i.e. it cools down). 3) It's out once it no longer has the activation energy. 4) Answered above. Try not to overshoot.
  6. No matter how you prepare a duck, I will always recommend in the strongest terms that you roast some potatoes directly below. Use all those drippings to your advantage! Secondly, always drain the cavity into your drip pan before removing the bird from the grill. You don't want to slosh hot fat onto yourself or, like I did, into the grill to create a massive fireball. Here's an old challenge entry:
  7. Looks great. Any specific dough mix?
  8. There was a sweet tea / lemonade mix off to the left, yes. Had about three, then decided it wasn't cutting it and switched to ice water instead.
  9. How else should you spend the hottest day of the year (so far) than with hot food right off the grill? Even better if the local market is selling fresh steamed crabs for 40% less than all three seafood places in town. To keep this "discussion", here's the mustard based glaze I used for the ribs, with extra on the side for dipping in the pot located in the top-left corner. Equal Parts (I used a half cup): Yellow mustard Worcestershire sauce Butter Dark brown sugar, packed Add in a splash of apple cider vinegar, then heat to a gentle
  10. I have used the oven at 170 (lowest setting) to hold a brisket that cooked faster than expected, but I still take it to 195+ on the grill. I could maybe, maybe see using the crock pot for pseudo burnt ends from the point. Reach 165 internal, separate the point, cube it, toss with sauce and let it go for a while. Keep the flat on the grill to finish on its own.
  11. If I were to actually plan this one, I'd probably leave out the lemon, top with peaches instead, then use the free slot for grilled asparagus or corn on the cob. Sadly, three days later the grocery store is already out of those peaches.
  12. As the title suggests, this was not meant to be a challenge entry. I just happened to pull up the forum after putting the chicken on the grill to see the July Challenge up and realize my dinner on the kamado fit perfectly. Five ingredients: Chicken breasts, split in half Peach halves (freestone!) Lemon Goat Cheese Balsamic vinegar According to the challenge guidelines, the olive oil and lemon thyme do not count toward the total. For the chicken: Split the breasts if they're too thick. Slice the lemon four or five times, then ju
  13. Sugar won't burn until about 350, so for 325 and below you're getting good caramelized goodness. If you're worried about mess, use a drip pan if possible, or apply the sugary part near the end of your cook so it has less time to drip or burn.
  14. I think I need to call my local butcher to check what's in stock. Heavens that looks amazing.
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