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  1. No, I just cranked the heat in the Akorn up to about 700 F. Incidentally, the stone is still going strong several years after it predicted demise.
  2. One more update: 2.5 years later and the stone is still going strong.
  3. I did a 20# test turkey a couple of days ago. I did 150F for about 12 hours, chilled it, and then one hour on gasser (yeah, yeah, I know ) grill with a little apple wood smoke. I did not brine the bird because I was testing to see if the bird would get done at 150 and not whether a brine is worth it - I'm a big fan of using a brine. although I've never tries a dry brine. This was my first attempt at SVing a turkey: the turkey was amazing. I will definitely SV the bird next week. When I deboned the test bird, the major joints of the bird were pink. My wife and I had a turkey sandwich yesterday, and we made it unscathed into today, so I'm not too concerned about bacteria, but we didn't use meat that was close to the pink part. Any thoughts y'all?
  4. Thanks CC. I've hand placed lump and wood but without much thought about it. Today I'm doing spares. They are about ready to come off and the color is much better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I've been having a problem lately with not enough smoke being generated. The only variable that changed is my switch to Fogo lump. Prior to the switch I was using Cowboy. I love Fogo and I plan to stay with it. I start a low and slow the same way as usual: MAP torch in the center for 30 seconds, close the lid, open the vents, watch the temp, begin closing the vents and hit my desired temp. At the target temp or a little before, I add 3 or 4 chunks of wood on top of and around the fire, put in the deflector and the grates and wait until the white smoke dissipates and then add the food. After a cook I have most of the 3 or 4 chunks of wood left and there is little to no smokey taste on the meat nor is there a smoke ring evident. . I also notice that the fire doesn't spread concentrically but usually in a straight line laterally and down without involving the wood. I usually break up the larger chunks of Fogo but I'm not too fanatical about lump size consistency. Anyone else experience similar problems? Any advice? fixes? Thanks y'all!
  6. It comes apart easily by loosening the nut/bolt in the center. From there a wire brush, steel wool, etc. will do it. Reassembly is very easy. You may need to replace the o-ring as well. Lowe's or Home Depot has silicone o-rings on the plumbing department. They are also available from CG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. First let me set the stage (please bear with me, I'll try to be brief): I thawed 2 slabs of ribs in anticipation of our son spending the night Friday night. On Thursday an unplanned doctor appointment was scheduled for Friday at 1pm. My grandson graduated this morning (Saturday) at 7:30 (who schedules these things?) followed by a luncheon at our daughter's house. Don't forget the two slabs of ribs waiting patiently in the wings. What's a guy gonna do with them? No problem, I'll just take them to the luncheon. Of course, the doctor, 30 miles from home, was late and we got home at 5:00pm. My dilemma then is: Cook the ribs or toss them Get a few hours sleep so we don't sleep through the graduation Take cooked ribs to luncheon so that they will be recognized as ribs and not mush or bony leather Did I mention that the graduation was at 7:30 this morning? I fired up the Akorn before leaving for the doctor and stabilized it at 225 in anticipation of being back in 2 hours (sigh). Arriving home at 5pm, I added some hickory and apple chunks, put the ribs on as soon as the smoke cleared (5:30ish) and asked the time-tested question: "Now what?" Two choices: Stay up till 11:30. Not an option since the aforementioned, poorly-scheduled graduation is an hour away from home; or pull them pull them at 10pm, double-wrapped in foil, and placed them in a foil pan in the oven and scheduled the oven to come on at 4am to a temp of 225 for an hour and a half, get some sleep, get up, put the ribs in a cooler and head off to the graduation, and hope for the best. So I chose the second option. We arrived after the graduation, put the ribs in the oven at my daughter's house at 250 for 30 minutes to reheat them and to complete my time-proven six-hour rib cook. With not a little apprehension I removed the foil prepared to see the remains of a pig in the pan. What I found was RIBS!!!, perfect mahogany color. When I separated them they cut cleanly as expected, the test rib had a perfect bite, the ribs were moist and tender with a great smoke ring. The only downside was they they did not pull cleanly from the bone consistently. Another 15 minutes in the oven would have solved that problem. My takeaway from all of this? Don't sweat the small stuff? It'll work out. Sorry about the lack of pictures. A swarm of rib locusts, disguised as family members, swooped in and devoured them. Yet to be answered: who schedules high-school graduations at 7:30am?
  8. This is even better. Thanks LBB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Devin, did you try using a tailor's tape measure or a piece of string tied around the base just above the leg attachment points? That will get you the circumference at that point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Charcoal has hygroscopic properties. As it heats up it releases the stored water. It's enough to see what you're seeing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Good advice. Also, if a bone-in shoulder, if the bone slides out easily you know it's (nearly) ready. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I agree. I've had the iGrill2 for about 2 years. Weber had replaced for of them for me but they were the original design. I was about to turn the iGrill into a boat anchor. That's not of the table yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Weber has redesigned the probes for iGrill2 AND dropped the price $10.00. I have two on order to arrive on Tuesday (2/28/17). I have every hope that the new design will solve some/most/all of the problems with the iGrill2. I'll update after they arrive.
  14. Six weeks later and still going strong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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