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  1. Blackhawks are about as real as a hockey team gets. Chicago's pride and joy you talking about! Hahaha. I do like your idea of getting a small ceramic for the dual setup. I know I'm not ready for that yet, as I can't see myself using two.
  2. It is very windy on my deck because I don't have a fence. This is what started me on this search because my webber struggles to hold a temp with the wind. Gas is not an option for me I'd rather use a stove.
  3. Curb appeal/brand recognition do not matter to me. Of course if I went the higher end route customer service would matter a lot as I would not be expecting to buy another grill unless I wanted to or I tipped it over. I either want the best all around, or cheapest possible that still does the job. Keeping steady temps is important because I do want to cook low and slow on it. However it sounds like the Akorn can do it I just might need to be more attentive during the process? I did order the char-griller branded cover, plate setter, and wireless thermometer using the Lowes $15 off $50 coupon. I also picked up a webber grate #7441 from Lowes, and a "master chef" pizza stone from there as well. Is this what is needed for the webber grate mod? One accessory I do like for BGE is a basket that holds the charcoal so you can easily shake it out after cooks. Anything like that for the Akorn and KJ? Thanks again everyone!
  4. Wow! Thank you for all the replies. I can certainly afford either, but I am "frugal" haha. One thing that is surprising me is that even at the same price point more people prefer the KJ? 1. Will the kamado be out in the weather? A- Yes! I live in northern illinois. I could bring it in to store in the winter, I would not attempt to move a ceramic. 2. If out in the weather does that include the winter snow? A- Yes typically 3 months out of the year we have snow/cold weather. 3. What is the avg humidity in your neck of the woods? The higher the humidity the less time the Akorn will last without some TLC. A- Not like Houston but we have some humid summer days/nights. 4. What, if any experience do you have with smoking? If you're used to a gasser or only cooked on a grill a couple times then you may want to test the water with an Akorn at that low price before dropping the more coinage on a ceramic. That may also give you some extra time to save more so you could but a larger kamado. A - None, totally new to it I just know i really like to eat it and want to create my own.
  5. Hello! I took advantage of the slickdeals promo and purchased an Akorn from Lowes this week at the $220 price point. I wanted to act fast before they sold out but I am unsure if I should fire it up (once i do it can't be returned). I noticed the post with all of the mods needed to make it air tight but I am wondering if these latest models have improved to make mods unnecessary? I really don't want to fire this up and have leaks all over. I also want it to be able to last at least 5 years, or it simply isn't worth the investment to me. Other choices: BGE Large Demo w/ nest, nest handler, wooden tables, plate setter for $800 Kamado Joe classic from costco roadshow for $780 Are they worth the extra cost? I am more of a long term thinker when I buy something, should I spend the extra cash?
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