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  1. Yeah, I'm being cheap... I'm sure those are awesome and well worth the money for those who bought them though.
  2. I have the Akorn with the cart. I love it. I would sometimes prefer to grill on stainless steel grates versus the cast iron ones. Does anyone know of some existing grates that fit well enough? I know folks have had custom grates made to order, but those are a tad pricey. I was hoping for something priced more like that small Weber grate that fits on the three tabs that are intended for the ceramic diffuser. $10-20 in other words.
  3. Interesting,,,I'm not familiar with the cut but, I would have thought it was more appropriate for low and slow like a sirloin tip roast (my first low and slow). I'll have to keep a eye out for one. I think the time next I may just go for a straight sear and forget the reverse. These are just too thin. Until recently I hadn't heard of a tri-tip either. The ones I get around here (San Antonio) are thick. I sliced them very thinly across the grain once they're done, and the slices are delicious on tortillas, or just by themselves. They're delicious cold right out of the fridge the next morning too, or in an omelette, etc.
  4. I love the results of everything I've used a reverse sear on. Tri-tip steaks and ribeyes come out terrific.
  5. It would be cool to have a SS option for the main grate - if you do buy it, please report back if it works! With the feet that jut out to hold the original grate, I think 19" is going to be borderline whether it works or not. I guess if it's easy enough to extend those little feet, or replace them (maybe with some small L brackets?), it would fit just fine.
  6. Depending on the sizes, you could do two on the bottom, and one on the removable upper level. Also, after the first few hours, you could remove them from the pit and put them in your oven, since they get almost all of the smokiness in those first few hours.
  7. The only time the fire has gone out for me is when I had so much lump charcoal in it that it blocked air from below. So I recommend try using less charcoal, and be 100% sure that you can see the bottom grate that the charcoal rests on in at least a few spots. By the way, it only took about 3 pounds of charcoal to block the entire thing, in my case, and once I cleared out some to let air flow, that one batch lasted me for over 24 hours! You really don't need much charcoal in these grills, especially when you are keeping the temperature low.
  8. Anyone know if the table can be used on either side of the grill? I want to know if it can be assembled like this, in other words:
  9. If you have a Home Depot nearby, you can get this delivered to your local store (the deal says "online only", so your only two options are to have it delivered to your home for >$50, or to get it delivered to your local HD for free). http://www.homedepot.com/p/Char-Griller-Akorn-Kamado-Kooker-22-in-Charcoal-Grill-in-Grey-with-Cart-6520/204151650
  10. I've done the cotton balls with rubbing alcohol, and I've done a crunched up paper towel with some vegetable oil on it. Both work reliably for me, so I haven't tried out any starter cubes before.
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