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  1. I have taken a long hiatus from using my Joe since I had to move to the city with no outdoor space for the last three years, but now i'm back! I went to look in my Joe that was in storage and noticed the fire grate was pretty rusted. Is there a point of no return with the rust? It's starting to peel off a bit. Any idea how how I could salvage? I plan to give it a high temp cook off once im ready, any other precautions I should take before getting my joe back in action?
  2. Char grilled big easy cover works great for the small ones... http://www.amazon.com/Char-Broil-The-Big-Easy-Cover/dp/B0038MVPA6
  3. I did a beer can chicken on the Joe Jr this week as well. I actually flipped the deflector holder and put the plate on Bosco style so it was further away from the fire. Then wedged a drip pan in between the legs on top of the plate. Then I put the chicken right on that. I had to angle it a bit so the temp prob didn't stick into the chicken. Wish I took a pic but my phone was dead. It tastes amazing. Used John Setzlers butter baste to finish it off and it was tasty. Had a breast from it for lunch today and it was delicious 2 days later. I will definitely do this again soon and take more pictures to show the set up.
  4. I'm in the city so just on balcony. But if I ever have a yard I will seriously consider. I am amazed with every cool I do and I'm a super rookie.
  5. Ahh gotcha thought that's what it was... Some day for me perhaps.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations. Didn't think of looking at BGE accessories. What's trifecta all about?
  7. Does anybody have any recommendations for a grill extender for the joe jr. Would be good to get more space and away from direct heat for buns and veggies.
  8. I am looking to good cook chicken, ribs, burgers, pork and brisket. After reading this forum I am looking at pizzas too because they look amazing. Since I'm on a balcony space is tough so trying to accessorize the joe jr get maximize functionality. One thing I thought I saw, either on here or when I was browsing, was a s half moon grill lift/extender. Any thoughts on that? I think having that to cook veggies on while you got burgers or steaks ( how could I forget these up at the top-of course I'm going to cook these) below sounds like a great idea. I just can't find them again.
  9. Does anyone have recommendations for some must have joe jr. Looking to get a nice versatile set up.
  10. Hi Everyone, I live downtown in Chicago so outdoor space is quite small. I am purchasing a joe junior to get my smoke on and it's coming in this weekend. Can't wait. I wanted to set it up to grill height so I was looking for any recommendation on stands and whether this would even be a good idea with wind and elements on a balcony. Also, any recommendations on lump and must have accessories would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to my first smoke!
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