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  1. Was looking at Blackstones for a while, but this seems like a better option for my needs. Anyone have any experience with them? Amazon and the like has the stove for $99, and accessories aren't bad. https://www.campchef.com/two-burner-stove-explorer.html I like the modular approach with adding a griddle top or even a grill box. I want a griddle, but would get a lot of use from the burners for canning, corn, lobster, or even frying. I hate how much cooking that stuff inside heats the house up (and smells it up like oil when frying a lot).
  2. Looks like a good start and the bird should have a good flavor. I'd just butterfly it and cook it without the unnecessary beer can up it's butt.
  3. I really don't need a Jr, and with a family of 6, I probably wouldn't use it all that much... But, I saw one at $35 at my local walmart, but the box looked like it fell off the truck and was dragged the whole way from Arkansas, so I had to pass. I haven't seen one since around here at a few different walmarts. Maybe next year lol...
  4. I agree with ckreef... The meat (especially big chunks) act as a heat sink. As those get warmer, your grill will creep up a little bit. If you have a stable temp for 5 hours, I wouldn't really touch anything. Unless you are opening it a lot, have big air leaks, or have a problem with airflow (ash blocking vent, etc), you shouldn't worry much about a little creeping (or falling) temp. Once you start chasing temps, it never ends, and you'll drive yourself crazy.
  5. I learned pretty quickly not to leave my Akorn unattended and wide open... That thing is like an inferno. If I open it up to burn stuff off after a cook, I either stay with it, or if I have to run inside, I always set an phone alarm for like 10 minutes, just in case I get sidetracked and forget it's going.
  6. I like the idea above about having your fire already going for when you get home. Something else I'd do, is to not have the brisket fridge cold when you get home. That will give you a head start. I don't think I'd sit it out for the whole time you are gone, but maybe get it out, prepped, rubbed and everything and just put it in pre-chilled a cooler while you are gone (without ice or ice packs). The cold meat will keep itself cold for a while, and gradually get warmer.
  7. Besides looks, how different can cast iron be? I'm just curious.
  8. We got back on Friday from spending 7 nights on Mt Desert Island, and it was incredible. Just an absolutely beautiful part of the world. Since this is a food site, I'll include a couple of those highlights.... There was a lobster place across the street from our campground (and about every half mile on every road). We steamed four lobsters one night for a surf & turf dinner: And a couple of days later, made two more for lobster BLT's which were a great lunch We picked a bunch of blueberries on Cadillac Mountain, and my wife baked blueberry muffins the next morning, trying out our Coleman camp over. And for good measure, a sunset near our campground
  9. My Akorn dome thermometer reads about 50-75 degrees lower than my maverick at grate temp. I use the grate temp for anything where I care about temp accuracy. Problem with the dome thermometer too, is that it takes a while for mine to get back up after the dome is opened. Not a big deal for most cooks when you don't do a lot of opening, but for things like grilling wings where I like to turn them and move them a lot towards the end, it's useless as it never gets back up to what the temp really is.
  10. Nice pics, I am hoping to get some good ones while there too.
  11. We live in upstate NY, and go to Maine pretty much every summer, but have always gone to southern beaches, never north of Portland. Hopefully we'll be safe in our tent, as I don't think bears can open zippers. Elephants are pretty tricky with those trunks though...
  12. I've always wanted to grab one of those lodge combo cookers, but it's probably too small for our family (6) to get a lot of use out of it. It would be nice for camping though. I love my trusty lodge 10" skillet, and use that and the round griddle/tortilla skillet for everything.
  13. The family and I are going camping next week near Acadia National Park and I was curious if anyone had experiences/advice for that area? We're excited, and looking forward to some hiking and biking (as much as well can with little kids), but more so just the fun of being in the outdoors for 5 nights. No kamado cooking on the trip, but am planning on some campfire cooking... mmmmmm lobster.
  14. Any cooler will work... I have an old Coleman 16 qt cooler that is usually big enough for what I need. I don't care what happens to it or if it ends up smelling like a smokehouse, so that's usually my go to.
  15. Akorns are $199 at a Walmart by me (Albany, NY area) this weekend.
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