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  1. I had cracks in the base and the gasket was torn and frayed of my BJ2 upon receipt. First thing I did was register the joe and filed a warranty claim. Kj didn’t respond right away and I talked to Bbqguys. They set me up with their KJ contact and the new base was ordered. This was around Father’s Day last year when Kjs were like 6 months out. Kinda forgot about it and then one day this winter my new base showed up. I was told to throw the original away and not cook on it due to liability reasons I assume. I have a concrete patio so I cooked on it anyways. I haven’t had time to switch bases but I’m a little worried reading about owners having trouble matching the bands to the new base.
  2. I’ve had several great cooks using the Signals and Billows since my near disaster. I am pretty sure what happened was my wife brought a Bluetooth speaker outside and my phone automatically connected to it. What I’m not sure about is why the controller itself froze up instead of just the app? Seems like Signals should have kept on trucking even if it wasn’t connected to a device.
  3. The shoulder turned out excellent….best pulled pork I’ve made. I’m thinking when my wife brought our Bluetooth speaker outside my phone connected to it and this is what caused the Signals to freeze. Luckily crisis was diverted but I wasn’t sure until I pulled it.
  4. My new thermoworks Signals froze up on me during what I thought was the stall on a whole pork shoulder and I’m thinking about returning it. My question is anyone using the blower and are you happy with it? I have the Billows for overnight cooks and I think it’s awesome but I don’t have any faith in the Signals. I’m waiting to hear back from Thermoworks before I make my decision but I’m curious about your thoughts on this forum.
  5. Ok so I started get suspicious and I turned the Signals off and on again. Bad news…..meat is 168 and big joe…..191???? I’ll make a call to thermoworks this week. Has anyone had the Signals freeze up like this?
  6. Ok I’m gonna write it off as I must have been burning through smaller pieces of lump cause temp has been holding steady at 229. Still amazed the meat has probed at 170 for almost 7 hrs. No wrapping for this guy!!
  7. I put an 18 lb whole pork shoulder on at 7:30 last night with a full load of kj lump and running my new Signals w/ billows. Woke up this morning an I think I was in the beginning of the stall. It’s now noon and I think I’m still in the stall but my ambient temp is dropping. My question is can the stall effect the ambient temp or am I running out of fuel? If I’m running out of fuel, what is the best method to get to the finish? Meat is probing at 170.
  8. I’m going to be smoking and grilling all weekend on my Big Joe/ 26” kettle/ blackstone. It’s nothing new for me to have 3-4 grills going at the same time. My question is on Saturday I will be cooking at 300 deg. for our Saturday dinner on the Big Joe and then get the grill setup for an overnight 20lb whole pork shoulder at 225 deg. I’ve never really paid attention to how fast the joe cools down....is there anything I need to think about? Also will a full load of kJ lump make it 18 hours? I’ve ordered a Billows just for this event.
  9. I am torn between Thermoworks Signals x4 and the ThermaQ. It’s more about durability and reliability to me than bells and whistles. I might consider the Fireboard as well. I am upgrading from an igrill2. Thanks in advance.
  10. My spg seasoning is.... 1 part table salt 1/4 part garlic powder 1/4 part ground black pepper my rub says 3% sodium per serving If I wasn’t clear I am wanting to use both if it would work for the salting? i hope this helps?
  11. Thanks John for this excellent post. I have two questions for you. I am doing a whole roast and want to try the sear, low and slow method. I have a s/p/g rub I use on all my beef but I also like a course prime rib rub my butcher sells. I want to try salting 24-48 hrs before cooking but wasn’t sure if I cut the spg in half if I would get the same result. I’m afraid of over seasoning. Also I’ve noticed all your vids say about 2.5 hours cook time but I’ve read other posts saying up to 4 hrs at the same temp? Is this possible. I’m just trying to plan a dinner time.
  12. Thanks for your replies. Turkey turned out great. The BJ calmed down eventually and everything was fine
  13. So I got my BJ ready for my Turkey and went inside to prep the turkey. When I came outside my temp was at 500. This is something i have never done before. I snuffed it down to 350 and held steady for maybe 15 minutes. I through on my smoke wood and put the turkey on. Now I have smoke coming from both vents. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
  14. I appreciate both responses. I’ve cooked chili on my kettle grill several times but never on the BJ. I wasn’t even thinking about the accessory rack. I might put a pizza pan on top if mine won’t fit right?
  15. I want to smoke a Texas chili in my cast iron dutch oven. My oven has the legs on the bottom and doesn’t sit right on the grill grate. Has anyone tried this before and can I set it on the ceramic deflector?
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