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  1. My spg seasoning is.... 1 part table salt 1/4 part garlic powder 1/4 part ground black pepper my rub says 3% sodium per serving If I wasn’t clear I am wanting to use both if it would work for the salting? i hope this helps?
  2. Thanks John for this excellent post. I have two questions for you. I am doing a whole roast and want to try the sear, low and slow method. I have a s/p/g rub I use on all my beef but I also like a course prime rib rub my butcher sells. I want to try salting 24-48 hrs before cooking but wasn’t sure if I cut the spg in half if I would get the same result. I’m afraid of over seasoning. Also I’ve noticed all your vids say about 2.5 hours cook time but I’ve read other posts saying up to 4 hrs at the same temp? Is this possible. I’m just trying to plan a dinner time.
  3. Thanks for your replies. Turkey turned out great. The BJ calmed down eventually and everything was fine
  4. So I got my BJ ready for my Turkey and went inside to prep the turkey. When I came outside my temp was at 500. This is something i have never done before. I snuffed it down to 350 and held steady for maybe 15 minutes. I through on my smoke wood and put the turkey on. Now I have smoke coming from both vents. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
  5. I appreciate both responses. I’ve cooked chili on my kettle grill several times but never on the BJ. I wasn’t even thinking about the accessory rack. I might put a pizza pan on top if mine won’t fit right?
  6. I want to smoke a Texas chili in my cast iron dutch oven. My oven has the legs on the bottom and doesn’t sit right on the grill grate. Has anyone tried this before and can I set it on the ceramic deflector?
  7. Jay Bee


    10-4. Gonna try it tonight
  8. Jay Bee


    I just got the grill This summer and the cover hasn’t arrived yet. I left the vents closed due to some heavy rains we have been getting. Normally I grill 2-3 times a week, but haven’t had a chance the last few weeks. I was thinking about scrubbing the ceramics with warm water and a brush?
  9. Jay Bee


    I haven’t been able to grill for several weeks due to my schedule and the weather around here, so I was ecstatic to finally get a chance to fire up the grill after work. I get home and lift the lid and everything is covered in a yellow “mold”. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this cleaned up? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  10. KJ says Ill get the gasket within a week but the base is on backorder. Im trying to find out if I have to take all the parts off the damaged base to reinstall on the new base. I assume I will have to. Im not very happy about that for many reasons.
  11. KJ responded to my email today. They asked me for a photo of me measuring the base diameter.they said the could process the parts needed upon receipt
  12. I am willing to cook on mine but the Seller thinks I should wait for kj to respond....
  13. My post was in no way a slam on KJ....I was just elaborating on my disappointment that I can’t use my Fathers Day present....I am still ecstatic that I finally have a quality kamodo....like a child on Christmas Day without any batteries.
  14. I received my BJ2 Monday and unfortunately this is what I got. There is also chips on the back down at the bottom. The packaging was in pristine condition. I opened a case with KJ but they haven’t responded yet. I talked with the company it was purchased from and they emailed KJ for me. I was advised not to cook on it until they respond. Bummer.
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