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  1. roger that,,,,thank you
  2. i can handle the inside of the grill but i was afraid if i burned off the stone it would crack?
  3. thanks for your reply. i also have this mold like substance on the smokin stone. i was wondering if i scrubbed it with soap is a bad idea?
  4. We have a long batch of rain and i haven't fired up the Akorn in awhile. I opened it up and there is sort of a yellow mold-like substance on everything. I thought i would try and burn it off, but now there is a black coating in the lid that is falling off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Jay Bee

    Need A Recipe.....STAT!!!!!

    Sorry for the late reply....I ended up trying Smoky Ribs strawberry jalapeƱo recipe. The sauce was incredible in the sauce pan, but for some reason it didn't have much flavor on the meat? Ill try it again some time but ill probably go with my standard pork rub?
  6. Jay Bee

    Need A Recipe.....STAT!!!!!

    local grocery has BOGO spareribs today that i would have to cook today. All of my goto recipes have to sit over night. Does anyone have a recipe for very little prep time?
  7. all i had on hand was Captain Morgans, so I used that. Seemed ok.
  8. I was thinking of trying Malcolm Reeds steakhouse chops with bourbon glaze today, but i don't have any bourbon......does anyone know of a proven substitute?
  9. what is the make and model of that stainless griddle?
  10. philpoms post on low and slow in the Akorn forum is what helped me.....also using the Akorn deflector coincided with this method and i've never looked back.
  11. Jay Bee

    Smoking chicken.

    I smoke whole chickens all the time......we'll use them a million different ways. I prefer to brine overnight and then any rub i have on hand the next day. Oh, and I cut the back bone out as well.
  12. I've had leaks since day one....but never added or replaced any gaskets. After a full season of chasing temps, I picked up the stone and I've been dead on ever since. Making sure I've started my fire properly is the key.
  13. i use the igrill and i love it. I have 3 food probes and the ambient probe. my kids got it for me last year and I'm still learning to use all of its functions, but i started cooking right out of the box.
  14. i tried the grate / pizza pan experiment and it was better than nothing. Bought the stone and it has changed everything for me. 4th of july smoked 3 10 lb butts and i fell asleep on the couch. My grill said i stayed steady the entire time. That never happened before i got the stone.
  15. I bought my Akorn last year. even though everything turned out excellent every time, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue cooking on the Akornbecause I couldn't control the temp. This year I bought the diffuser. I smoked 2-10 lb butts this weekend and I must say they were my best yet. I used your advice on how to get the fire and temp right and it held steady for about 10hrs. I could have went a lot longer if needed and I used little lump at all. I'm not sure if this success isdue to the startup procedure or the diffuser or both but I have fell in love with the Akorn again