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  1. I'm almost embarrassed to say I can walk to my favorite Butcher. http://www.strodes.ca/ A 5 minute drive. http://www.witteveenmeats.com/ And if I want some Game, Exotic or Mennonite meats! 30 minutes away... http://www.mordensorganicfarmstore.com/ Thanks for this thread! I was meaning to post these jewels for some of the local guys and gals. Bosco, you have to try Emu meat from Mordens!! I need to get back to the Akorn! Been swamped lately!!
  2. I enjoy junior hockey but it sure isn't NHL caliber.
  3. I agree! We've been to plenty of Bulldogs games and they're very entertaining. They really focus on entertainment for children too. You should check one out if you haven't already, Bosco.
  4. Nice cook CK and going to have to give rabbit a try. I haven't found a meat I've disliked yet so why not.
  5. CC nailed it. I played with mine for about 8 hours before cooking on it to get a feel for it. It helps a lot. Welcome!
  6. frosco, FWIW, I cooked on a kettle for years until it rusted out. The whole time I had to stare at a BGE while shopping at the butcher shop. It was out of reach in price. More I just didn't want to spend that kind of money on an egg lol. I randomly ran into an Akorn at Lowes on sale for $299. I couldn't resist and picked it up. I've never been happier about being able to cook low and slow so easily on a Kamado. It's a wonderful little gizmo! Now, I'm looking at the Akorn as a stop gap and can't wait to get a ceramic. Cooking on it for a bit now, I know I'll want to cook at sub zero temps low and slow. Logic tells me that a ceramic will do better at holding proper temps. So, I have my eye on a Big Joe. I don't know when I'll invest in one. But, I know I will. So, I've purchased, a kettle, an Akorn and am going to send $$$ on a ceramic. I say go all the way the first time. I wish I did...
  7. From their site; Pure Grass-Fed Beef Nourished by the Sun SunFed Ranch's cattle are born and raised in those open spaces where they've adapted to natural weather patterns to grow premium quality grass-fed and grass-finished beef year-round. We have a local shop (1/2 hour drive) that sells only grass fed meats and it's amazingly good and good for you! You can get exotic meats there too. All our other meats are purchased from a local butcher. While, none of it is totally grass fed, it has not been raised using any antibiotics or growth hormones. The quality is outstanding. They are very reasonable too. I get better pricing from them. Lucky, I guess. We did buy some Aussie Lamb at Costco once and it was delicious! We haven't bought meat in any other grocery store in at least 8 years...
  8. What I have noticed here is that while the same newbie questions are asked several times over, different people answer those questions. I think that is healthy for any forum. People who were asking the questions are, a year later, answering those same questions. And there's nothing wrong with that! People come, grow, and contribute. That's what this place is about at a very fundamental level. That's the pattern I see on all the forums I'm on and I'm a mod on a couple. I agree, nothing wrong with that. However, I think a beginner section is helpful on some forums. I'm not sure if it applies here or not. I haven't been around long enough. lol
  9. My mouth is watering and I just finished a Porterhouse. lol LUV smoked salmon!
  10. Please explain "the stall". Here ya go Robert http://amazingribs.com/tips_and_technique/the_stall.html
  11. I'm new here and have used my Akorn on about a dozen cooks. Around half low and slow and half on high heat. I've had no issues doing either...
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