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  1. I have done it. Don’t remember any specific details, think I just did it as I would normally have done it in the oven. It turned out delicious anyway I think I just had a tiny amount of apple wood since at least chicken absorbs smoke almost too well. Figured bird as bird (is the word) Good luck!
  2. Do you have a BJ and got a replacement for a classic? Maybe measure it and a classic owner might be able to confirm. Anyway, That is not right. Just call support and have them send you another.
  3. flabber


    Celebrating the new year with some fireworks
  4. flabber

    2016 KJ

    The reason I got a top vent with a rain cap was not to cook in the rain, that was never a problem with the daisywheel, but having the BJ in a table makes it hard to cover. I don’t think the Joe would like to be all wet on the inside, especially during winter (ice expands, could cause cracks). Depending on the looks, I am considering this new version.
  5. Did you notice he had a big gasser in the background, behind some furniture? Guess it is not used much :D Anyway: Done!
  6. Hi, I guess that if anyone can ID it, it would be a guru. It's a Danish TV show with a chef that cooks on a Kamado, but what Kamado is it? You can jump 36min before he start to cook.
  7. Zip bag... Why didn't I think of that. Well I just grabbed whatever I could find when it started to rain.
  8. Welcome fellow countryman. I just returned from a trip to Smögen, I guess that is around your part of the country. Thanks for the tips about the seasoning, I will scout around down here in Skåne and see if I can find the show me sauce.
  9. And somebody gets the short straw to be the one to open the can. Stand back! But if you like the taste, then you actually also like the smell.
  10. Hehe, got a surströmmings party planned for later. This definitely doesn't have any similarities except that it is made from same kind of fish.
  11. Just about enough, at least according to my taste [emoji6] Hard to give a measurement.
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