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  1. Saffire's ceramics have had fewer issues with breakage than some of the others (KJ and Primo) have had in the past. There's a lifetime warranty on both the ceramics and the 304 stainless steel which I'm pretty sure no one else has. The dome is higher, and makes for better heat control and offers more space for vertical cooking (upright chickens, tiered cooking, etc). Overall, it's a better product, with better features, and the best warranty. Hard to beat.
  2. The Saffire has lifetime warranties on all the ceramics and 304 stainless steel. The ceramics warranty is similar to the other kamados out there, the only limitation would be if a company could prove someone was trying to use the grill to burn for a big bonfire.
  3. Hey Sterno Stover: I'm John, the new Sales guy here at Saffire headquarters. I'm here to answer any questions you might have. Give me a call at 1-815-967-4100 ext. 108 or email me at JohnG@saffirebbq.com Hope to hear from you soon!
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