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  1. the mortar came in ...ill be filling the cracks soon
  2. Could I cover this in high heat mortar. .would it hold the heat more
  3. Uhm...changing topic a little bit...when I first got the Karman do I did some research on it...turn out there is only one maker for that one...I called and told them that my firebox had gone to cracker jack and they took my name and number and address. ....today three weeks later a heavy box was at my door this was in it I was so psyched I did not pay a single penny for it? I wonder why? I'm still waiting on the one from appliance connection
  4. I got this one for a hundred bucks also the fire box was cracked in a million pieces got online found a place called appliance connections they had the firebox for 59.00 with free shipping I got on that quick.. they upped the price since then
  5. It's a 23, I got it for 1 hundred dollars. With All accessories except cart but 245 Is still not bad contimplate your next move think theoretically and go with it..I will keep posting progress
  6. I removed all tiles so that I could do all cracks at once. I would turn yours upside down and strap it from top to bottom. I strapped mine side to side but noticed that when I moved it the bottom part would move. so I strapped from bottom to top also. .I will be installing the wire this coming weekend. .I hope with out removing straps. . I'll be making gaps and filling them in with dap
  7. I don't mind at all ...I say go for it ...I am going all the way because I got it in a goooood deal...after all is said and done and things go perfect I'll be retiling with Diamond white mosaic tile If I can't find them I want to do this one... I wonder how many it would take?
  8. Home Depot doesn't carry dap fire mortar I have fire mortar cement , would that work
  9. I'll Be MA King 5/32 hole later to stitch the 14 gage wire later then I'll losen it up then add the dap quickly to all four sides and tighten back up again
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