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  1. I always use a drip pan with mine no issues with that I agree about the difference between the heat deflector and slo roller, I really dont see any difference between the 2 except the slo roller wont crack like the ceramic heat deflector can
  2. great tip on the clamps. I love my roto joe
  3. mine does this too. for now I just slide it over, it tips some but its not a big deal I filed a warranty claim, they are supposed to send me gasket material. That was probably 2 months ago. They said at the time that it was backordered until Decemeber So...anytime now...
  4. looks like a hole in the firebox. That looks pretty normal. The rest is horrible
  5. I usually use a foil pan on them and try to avoid a lot of drippings on them
  6. No idea. Never tried it. Bug and Tar remover works fine so thats what I use
  7. That won't work with my big joe. The wire is too short with the lid opened. I just put it on the grate works just fine
  8. Well since no one has answered I will I use bug and tar remover after every cook I read about it here. Works well. Just soak a paper towel with it and wipe off the metal parts
  9. Do you have your ash pan removed? The ikamand door might be getting caught on the handle if it's still in there.
  10. Just to let you know my iKamand developed a crack in the housing. I submitted a claim, hoping to get a new blower unit. 2 weeks later I get a new complete unit in the original packaging, just like it came from the store! In the mean time I was able to super glue the crack. I have not even opened the new one yet. So they were real quick, hope you have the same luck
  11. its the same thing I just keep it contained in my basket with the divider. All I am saying. In my Weber kettle I would just pile it up on one side. I would do it with the Big Joe but since I have the divider might as well use it, I actually think its great in a use like this
  12. I find the divider rack very helpful in my Big Joe III I use it for quick after work cooks for my wife and me, burgers, steaks, chicken etc Saves a ton of charcoal and for these type cooks as I do not need to get the whole cooker up to temp, just hot enough at the cooking grate If I did not have just a large cooker I am not sure if I would use it that much but for me its great
  13. I am sure it would work I just use plain old rectangular foil pans. I found some that are shorter than normal. About $2 each
  14. I was going to ask the same question. Keep it going man!!!
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