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  1. if you are relying on the thermo in the dome it can throw you off use a temp probe at the grate
  2. I love the half moon deflectors. Very versatile
  3. The app is awful. Constant issues.
  4. I am super happy with my BJIII. I bought it online a little over a year ago. Took a few months to get. It was perfect except for the Kontrol Tower fitting loose. They sent me a new gasket, it took forever to get but I got it and now everything is just fine with it. I bought the Joetessire for it and love that too. Wifey got me the cast iron grill/skillet for it my birthday. Also have the Ikamand, that thing needs some work, I rarely ever use it. Really dont need to anyway. I would not recommend that thing
  5. I just accept the fact that the dome temp is going to somewhat lower than the grate temp. I know its about 20-30 degrees off and thats the way it is. On longer cooks it tends to even out I dont stress about it if I want a super accurate grate reading then I will clip a probe to it This isnt heart surgery
  6. Like Don I try to continually clean it and keep it that way. I do not get it to 500 though. Just the temp it was cooking at. After a year I see no need for a deep cleaning. Drip pans where needed helps too
  7. I soak all my grill parts (kontrol tower, sloroller, etc) in this PBW cleaner like byee always try to use a drip pan too
  8. I agree with John I am not a fan of going over 500f for any reason. I have had my BJIII for over a year and the kontrol tower has not peeled except for a tiny bit under the vent hole. I think high heat burns do more harm than good
  9. That metal piece comes out if I remember correctly just lift it out and clean it with a vacc or wisk broom. Dont think you have to take. the firebox out to get it out but I could be wrong
  10. I agree with John. I have the 3, the sloroller is ok but I am not seeing a huge difference in using it. Doesnt the 3 have an improved hinge that the 2 doesnt have? If thats the case then that is worth it. I love the hinge on my 3
  11. pop one off and measure it. You are going to have to take them off anyway to replace them. I would take a floor jack and carefully jack one up and take it off
  12. Glad I saw this as I was getting ready to buy one
  13. thats the point I was trying to make. I never checked mine, it worked fine out of the box. You can also ask Ikamand support about it through the app if I remember correctly there is a way to get support
  14. I never bothered calibrating my probes. Mine is working fine as it is.
  15. you need tight air control with any type of temp control system I dont think you have that with the DoJoe? Isnt it an open slot?
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