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  1. if you are relying on the thermo in the dome it can throw you off use a temp probe at the grate
  2. I love the half moon deflectors. Very versatile
  3. The app is awful. Constant issues.
  4. I am super happy with my BJIII. I bought it online a little over a year ago. Took a few months to get. It was perfect except for the Kontrol Tower fitting loose. They sent me a new gasket, it took forever to get but I got it and now everything is just fine with it. I bought the Joetessire for it and love that too. Wifey got me the cast iron grill/skillet for it my birthday. Also have the Ikamand, that thing needs some work, I rarely ever use it. Really dont need to anyway. I would not recommend that thing
  5. I just accept the fact that the dome temp is going to somewhat lower than the grate temp. I know its about 20-30 degrees off and thats the way it is. On longer cooks it tends to even out I dont stress about it if I want a super accurate grate reading then I will clip a probe to it This isnt heart surgery
  6. Like Don I try to continually clean it and keep it that way. I do not get it to 500 though. Just the temp it was cooking at. After a year I see no need for a deep cleaning. Drip pans where needed helps too
  7. I soak all my grill parts (kontrol tower, sloroller, etc) in this PBW cleaner like byee always try to use a drip pan too
  8. I agree with John I am not a fan of going over 500f for any reason. I have had my BJIII for over a year and the kontrol tower has not peeled except for a tiny bit under the vent hole. I think high heat burns do more harm than good
  9. That metal piece comes out if I remember correctly just lift it out and clean it with a vacc or wisk broom. Dont think you have to take. the firebox out to get it out but I could be wrong
  10. I agree with John. I have the 3, the sloroller is ok but I am not seeing a huge difference in using it. Doesnt the 3 have an improved hinge that the 2 doesnt have? If thats the case then that is worth it. I love the hinge on my 3
  11. pop one off and measure it. You are going to have to take them off anyway to replace them. I would take a floor jack and carefully jack one up and take it off
  12. Glad I saw this as I was getting ready to buy one
  13. thats the point I was trying to make. I never checked mine, it worked fine out of the box. You can also ask Ikamand support about it through the app if I remember correctly there is a way to get support
  14. I never bothered calibrating my probes. Mine is working fine as it is.
  15. you need tight air control with any type of temp control system I dont think you have that with the DoJoe? Isnt it an open slot?
  16. Well I just peeled off the old gasket, compared it to the new. The new is longer but not a whole lot so I figured it was cut to the proper length I put it on then the vent, it went on real tight, almost too tight. So I tapped it down after working and twisting it in place and I think it will work fine. So my advice is to use it at the length they cut it to and work the vent down into place.
  17. I finally got my gasket material this week! I had given up on it The question now is do I remove the old one and install this? Seems like if I just add a layer to the existing it will then be too thick. The new roll is quite long. I guess if I remove the old it will be trial and error to get a good fit of the new material? Any insight would be appreciated. I know I can figure it out, not rocket science here but if someone else has done it please share your expertise Thanks
  18. I will continue to use my slo roller on long cooks, simply because I have it. As far as A/B testing I personally have no interest in that, I will leave that to others.
  19. I would put each leg of the handle in a vice and tweak them equally until it fits like Jtemple mine came attached on my BJIII
  20. The brisket did not come out "dry" from the temp. You probably pulled it too soon.
  21. I always use a drip pan with mine no issues with that I agree about the difference between the heat deflector and slo roller, I really dont see any difference between the 2 except the slo roller wont crack like the ceramic heat deflector can
  22. great tip on the clamps. I love my roto joe
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