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  1. wow thanks guys!! the showcase? how cool!! here are some pics of the deflector
  2. Made some chicken for the first time on my Akorn For my heat deflector I have a piece of aluminum stock left over from a fixture I made at work. Its been in my garage for years just waiting for a use. Its about 1 1/2" thick, gotta weigh 10 lbs. I wrapped it with foil and it just happened to fit. The one thing I noticed was the dome and grate temps were almost identical. Not sure if I will use this all the time but I thought it was interesting. I was using a pizza stone but it ended up cracking I thought it would take a lot more time to heat this hunk of metal up but it really did not I also used this when I did my grilled pizza a few days ago and noticed the same thing A few pics, of the cook and also the temps. thanks
  3. If I was to keep mine outside (cover or not) I would remove the ash pan first and keep it separately in the garage
  4. I have never used a weed torch but from what I have seen I think it would light too many coals for a low and slow fire the Mapp torch provides precision in lighting just a small area if thats what you are after. It lights so quickly that I dont really think the cost of the Mapp gas is much of an issue.
  5. Thank you Ceramic Chef for this little tidbit!! I have tried my old propane torch in the past to light lump, but it took more time than it was worth. After reading your tip, I borrowed a Mapp torch we have at work and wow what a difference! I will have to buy one now. I know about Mapp gas but just never tried it on lighting lump!
  6. thanks guys It all came back to me, I had done this a few times on my gasser many years ago in another lifetime. Then, it was real hard to control the temp and not burn the crust But with the Akorn, it was a piece of cake. Came out great. Very simple recipe
  7. thanks what temp should I shoot for? 450-500?
  8. no, not yet. can I just cook it on the rack? I thought I saw somewhere that someone cooked the crust slightly to setup then flipped it upside down, loaded it up then cooked it. but then I am not sure thanks
  9. I was thinking about trying a quick pizza tonight with some store bought pre made dough I have made them before on my kettle, but not an Akorn But I do not have a stone, can I made one without it? if so, any tips would be great thanks
  10. I am a new Akorn owner and keep mine in the garage. Reading through these posts about the ash pan etc rusting got me to thinking. I think it would make sense that after its completely cooled and the coals are for sure out, to just remove the ash pan before covering the cooker and storing outside. Empty the pan out, store it in the garage or wherever and keep it dry while the cooker sits outside under its cover.
  11. I cook them at 275-300 and they come out fantastic doesnt matter if you have one or 2, its the thickness of the meat that determines the time required. I would give it 10 hours at my temps, that should give you plenty of time to rest it a bit but this is on my stickburner, I have never cooked one on my Akorn yet but I dont see that it would be much different, it might cook quicker but you can always cooler it until serving. I would rather have it done early than try to rush it at the end
  12. I have a new one and the vent is nice and snug I would say if you can close all the vents and snuff out your fire then its tight enough.
  13. I agree with Toe also. I got mine 2 weeks ago from Lowes, it has not needed a thing. I did use a pizza stone for a heat deflector but as far as other mods I have done any and its been just fine I think a lot to do with controlling it is how you light it. Great tips here on that. Less is more.
  14. my experience is that briqs burn slower and steadier and not as hot as lump. Thats why I am suspecting the briqs are the cause of slow recovery. But I could be way off here
  15. Hi gang. Just wandered over here from The Brethren. I see some familiar names. Bought a CG Akorn a week ago. Not sure why, I really don't need one. Just thought it looked pretty cool so I decided to get it Mine is really easy to control, especially after reading a few tips here. Seals up good, vents are fine, no mods needed yet. I did steal the coal grate from my Weber and had an old pizza stone I wrapped with foil for the deflector. But so far so good! Thanks
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