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  1. No idea. Never tried it. Bug and Tar remover works fine so thats what I use
  2. That won't work with my big joe. The wire is too short with the lid opened. I just put it on the grate works just fine
  3. Well since no one has answered I will I use bug and tar remover after every cook I read about it here. Works well. Just soak a paper towel with it and wipe off the metal parts
  4. Do you have your ash pan removed? The ikamand door might be getting caught on the handle if it's still in there.
  5. Just to let you know my iKamand developed a crack in the housing. I submitted a claim, hoping to get a new blower unit. 2 weeks later I get a new complete unit in the original packaging, just like it came from the store! In the mean time I was able to super glue the crack. I have not even opened the new one yet. So they were real quick, hope you have the same luck
  6. its the same thing I just keep it contained in my basket with the divider. All I am saying. In my Weber kettle I would just pile it up on one side. I would do it with the Big Joe but since I have the divider might as well use it, I actually think its great in a use like this
  7. I find the divider rack very helpful in my Big Joe III I use it for quick after work cooks for my wife and me, burgers, steaks, chicken etc Saves a ton of charcoal and for these type cooks as I do not need to get the whole cooker up to temp, just hot enough at the cooking grate If I did not have just a large cooker I am not sure if I would use it that much but for me its great
  8. I am sure it would work I just use plain old rectangular foil pans. I found some that are shorter than normal. About $2 each
  9. I was going to ask the same question. Keep it going man!!!
  10. how was your pit setup? Did you have a heat deflector in place? What did the ribs look like before you foiled them?
  11. The only reason I said bump it up to 275 is its obviously cooking at too low a temp for whatever reason Increase the temp, get through the cook then investigate the root of the problem on a full stomach
  12. I can't see what you just posted but maybe the legs of d&c are bent? You are saying it won't lay flush on the firebox ring correct?
  13. Well you don't have the charcoal basket hooked to the D& C ring. Why is that
  14. I bought my Javelin in 2015 its been flawless. I recommend them all the time I have the standard version. The pro version looks good
  15. If you want a great thermometer at a great price check this one out. I have 2 of them had them since 2015 https://www.amazon.com/Lavatools-Javelin-Digital-Thermometer-Chipotle/dp/B00GRFHXVQ/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=30H2H4TGWGTER&dchild=1&keywords=lavatools+pt12&qid=1603458822&sprefix=lavatools%2Caps%2C558&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUFXT1JUTEhZU0dMUTImZW5jcnlwdGVkSWQ9QTAwMTIxNzkzR1JJQkI5TVlRMTlGJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAwMjYyMTAxR1dZR0cyWkJBRkVFJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==
  16. there is plenty of room in your oven my point is a lot of people like to use the grill for pizza since it can get a lot hotter than an oven with this pizza you dont cook it at high temps
  17. No but it can be done is my point. It doesn't require super hot temps a normal kitchen oven isn't capable of
  18. A few weeks ago I bought an iKamand. I used it a few times then I noticed a crack developing in the plastic housing. It still works but I have to be careful with it. I submitted the proper warranty claim with photos etc. I asked for a new blower unit. A few days later a gal replied and said they would send me a new one. So I was happy, expected a new blower unit. They sent me a complete new iKamand! Just like it came off the shelf of a store. New box, new probes, everything Gotta say that real impressive. The whole thing took about 2 weeks from my claim to receiving the new one yesterday. Beel reading a lot about lagging warranty service, maybe they are getting that all behind them now!! Hats Off to Kamado Joe! I know I made the right choice investing in them!!!
  19. You bet. Just a side note. My housing developed a crack where it attaches to the metal adapter. I sent in warranty claim asking for a new housing. They sent me a complete new ikamand! In the case. New probes everything! Outstanding customer service!it was sitting on my front porch just now when I got home from work
  20. If by "cover plate" you mean that plug that fills the hole once the iKamand is removed, in theory you can just cook as usual with the plug in place. I have seen posts where since this plug as about 50% plastic it has melted from higher temps cooks. But from what I was reading you are supposed to leave the top vent open when you shut down to allow excess heat to escape and not melt this plug. Once it has cooled down some you can close everything off This is not explained anywhere in the documentation I have for the iKamand, its all from reading on the internet about it. So I am not really sure since I have never done it that way Common sense says to make the plug completely out of metal or some high temp material so it wont melt. Dont know what happened there...
  21. you have to change out the vent slider since the new one is also the adapter plate the iKamand attaches to. I have an iKamand, its ok, jury is still out on it as far as I am concerned I actually left the original slider in place and put the iKamand on in front of it like a lot of people do. It works but its more difficult to adjust since now you have 2 plates filling the gap where there was one originally. I have an old Auber that I adapted to the KJ before I got this, I made an adapter plate for it out of some shim stock and its much easier to use is easy to attach and remove. Similar to other makes of blowers. This is my home made one I wish they would have come up with something like this for the iKamand. I like all the features of the iKamand but I miss the simplicity of the Auber. I may at some point go back to the Auber and sell the iKamand, I dont know
  22. actually the recipe calls for doing it in the oven. You only have to hit about 475f to do it
  23. Yeah thanks its made a bit different than most of you are used to The dough is a high hydration (more water than usual) and uses bread flour The dough is really sticky and soupy, once you mix it and let it rise a bit you spread it in a well oiled pan and once its to shape you let it rise in the pan for a few hours. A nice layer of pepperoni goes on the bottom. The thin sliced stuff. The juices from the pepperoni soak into the crust while its cooking, making the crust nice and crispy but soft (not too fluffy). Then the cheese goes on (traditional Detroit style uses Wisconsin brick cheese, or you can use a mix of low moisture mozz and young jack cheese. The cheese goes all the way to the edges of the pan, this is critical since it melts between the crust and the pan giving the crust an unbelievable light crunchy cheesy texture Detroit pizza is so famous for Then you can add toppings like onions pepper etc. Then the sauce goes on. Thats why its sometimes called Red Top pizza. It's a very simple sauce made with crushed tomatoes sugar and a few spices. Some cook the pizza warm up the sauce then spoon it on top before serving. If prefer to add it before baking. Then you finish it with some good pepperoni with the skin on so it cups like you see it in the pic. Baked in the Big Joe III with the heat deflector on the star rack middle position on the D&C rack and the pizza on the grates on the top position running around 475-500F for about 15 mins Here is another pic of the dough in the pan. Oh forgot about the pan! Its a special pan made just for this with high sloping sides and is black in color to help it give that crisp crust. You can actually buy these special pans on Amazon. The original pans when this pizza was first created in 1946 were made in old pans from the Detroit auto factories, they held auto parts. Some of these pans are still in use today at the original Buddys pizza, they are prized possessions. Probably more then you ever wanted to know about Detroit style pizza but there it is lol
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