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  1. Buddy's Detroit Deep dish style. Since I live in the Detroit area I know this pizza well. Just started making it Nailed it on the second try!! First one was pretty good but a little refining and I got it!!!
  2. I would have to see pictures. Being a mechanic for 30 years I am sure we can figure it out Maybe you could clamp the housing in a vice and use something like a prybar to compress the hinge and spring and reattach the nut? I dont know, like I said I would have to see some pics of it
  3. Same thing here Had an Akorn for years (still have it) now I have the BJ III Of course its going to use a LOT more charcoal. Remember you could fit the Akorn inside the BJII with room to spare !!! I just use cheaper charcoal like Royal Oak etc for quick cooks save the KJ Big Block etc for the long cooks. Sometimes I mix the two .Helps a bit on the fuel bill. I also use the basket divider on shorter small cooks, helps a lot with consumption Len's comments are exactly right, no use in repeating them
  4. I submitted a warranty claim for this problem and got this response yestrday Hello Brian, Thank you for contacting Kamado Joe customer support. I have placed order 242054 for you to receive the vent gasket. Unfortunately, we currently do not have the part in stock. We do have a shipment estimated to arrive around December. Your order will remain open and once our inventory is updated, your order will then be shipped. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information to provide you with an approximate date of delivery. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.
  5. Not sure if this will work I am heating my pit up to do a pizza cook in about an hour from now I started the pit around 1:30 and got it up to around 450f then started the iKamand. Since I had some time I have been fiddling around with the temp, at 450 for a while then going down to 425 where it is now Holding real steady! Pretty impressive so far for not knowing what I am doing. The little drop you see around 4:20 is where I opened the lid just to look at it lol https://myikamand.com/share/cook?cookSessionId=a5da3f46-830f-460a-b177-3400827005c2
  6. Well I got it in. I ended up bending up the upper edge of the vent rail and slid it in place. Took my body hammer and gently tapped it back in place. I left the original slide in there as well like I see some people to One thing That vent adapter has sharp edges all over it, like razor blades! I took a file to it first. I took a pic of that too. Be forewarned if you buy one of these. The tiny tabs you see along the top edge in the second photo look like they are supposed to be there but they are just sharp edges that I knocked off with the file
  7. I just looked at the install video they have Look close its on a BJ III When he slides the vent on at the 10second mark the leg is magically gone, at 12 seconds its back! How do I do that lol actually at the 9 second mark it does look like the cooker is spun around now that I watched it a few times Yeah thats what they do but they dont show that part I would like to see that small detail lol I just asked in the comments section. See if they reply . I see someone asked a month ago, no reply. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReJ5YkYPUdM
  8. maybe with 3 men and a crane Seriously I do not know And the more I look at it prying it up isn't an option I can see working
  9. Oh a whim, I decided to buy one of these. I have an older Auber controller that works fine but I want to take that to my cabin up north and put it on the Akorn I am taking there that the BJ III replaces I got it yesterday. Looking at the instructions it says to remove the 2 screws on the right slide the old door out and new one in Ok easy enough But the leg of the stand is in the way. Other than remove the cooker from the base or break the seal on the vent and remove it totally, any other options out there? I suppose I might be able to just pry it up a little from the cart but I really would hate to try something like that without knowing if that would work or not I do NOT want to do either of these. Might just send it back and keep the Auber unless anyone has a clever idea. Thanks
  10. When I do turkeys I shoot for 325f. But thats cooking them whole You should be ok as long as the outside doesnt cook too fast
  11. Do you have a large enough cast iron skillet? I used one in my Akorn before I bought one for it Actually the Akorn one is really nice as well. Its super thick. Worked pretty well Depending on how bad its cracked you could also just wrap it in heavy duty aluminum foil to get you through. Probably what I would do instead of buying something
  12. Thanks. the onions were cooked on the smoker along with the sausage as John showed in the video. Probably should have cooked them longer. Good point though. I used struggle with regular pizza I would always put too much topping on it. I will keep this in mind going forward!
  13. Oh I see. Mine is a little loose but doesn't come close to falling off. My pit is new as well I will keep an eye on it Thanks
  14. I think it would work. All it does is knead the dough and lets it rest and rise then kneads it again for a few cycles. If I remember correctly I have used it for pizza dough in the past many years ago. If I remember correctly lol been many years and many beers ago
  15. Hey John I just remembered my bread machine has a dough cycle. Do you think it would work with your recipe? I also have a Kitchen aid but no bread hook. I could try buying one but I would rather use the bread machine of it will work for this thanks
  16. Yes I will! If I can find yeast! Its about as rare as toilet paper was here a while back lol
  17. I made Johns Chicago style pizza yesterday and all I can say that its fantastic!! Only changes were I used a frozen pizza dough which I really like, I am not big into making dough And I used a cast iron skillet. I did have a slight issue. In the video John said to par cook it for about 10 minutes which I did. When I pulled it out the dough had really risen and was a little hard. I thought I ruined it! So I punched it down and kept going This made the bottom crust a little thicker and chewier that I wanted but it was still great I dont know if I just par cooked it too long, or maybe it was the difference in the dough I used. Next time I am going to check it at about 5 minutes (or less even) And the sauce is great! Nice, simple ingredients easy to make Hat off to John!!! Thank you so much for the videos and the sharing of your expertise!!!! A few pics
  18. Mine is a little loose on my new BJIII I can live with it but I will probably ask for gasket material too I am curious how did you break your kontrol tower?
  19. I did this just the other day I setup the D&C rack with one half low the other high. 1/2 heat deflector under the high rack level with the lower rack. Basket divider in place, coals on the low rack side Started them on the low rack just to get some nice grill marks then finished them indirectly They were nice and juicy. Easy to dry them out cooking on high the whole time. But if you are careful that's a great way too! I also do my chicken breasts this way. Actually I am going to do some chicken for dinner this way tonight. I added a few pics. The first one is the rack setup without the deflector in yet
  20. For kicks I just tried calling it. Its not going to get you anywhere, closed for "covid" geez They do mention information on warranty claims, maybe some of that would be of interest to you if you have not tried calling that number
  21. Ok I did not see that you had filed a claim already with KJ and received confirmation on 9/12. I must have missed that. I see they have a phone number on their site. I will be calling it until I got an answer 1-800-489-1581
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