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  1. Thanks for clearing up the delivery issue. Makes sense If all else fails you have a warranty. File a warranty claim on your base issue.
  2. The other thing I have to say about this is I would not have accepted delivery if it came to be in that condition with the box smashed like that. If I was not home when it arrived I would have called the trucking company when I got home and demanded they take it back. Unless you opened it all up while they were there and thought it looked ok at that point. From looking at the pic real close it looks like you opened up the top box, I see what looks like the delivery truck there in the street I know thats water under the bridge at this point...
  3. they should send you a new base or if not give you a big discount on the whole thing Do they have a phone number that you can call and talk to someone about it? I mean have you talked to someone on the phone or is all been through emails? I do feel real lucky mine is a perfect as it can get. After seeing this and others I would probably not buy one off the internet if I was looking now. I would want to see it in person since like you said this stuff is next to impossible to send back.
  4. Thanks. There was huge amount of fat on that point! I think I weighed 6-7lbs from the entire brisket. The brisket weighed about 16.75 lbs to start with
  5. actually thats a good idea brisket makes excellent jerky either that or make stew out of it
  6. Yeah thanks. I should have posted it here. Then I saw Marks thread. So I started commenting on that. Next thing I knew I was taking over his thread with my cook LOL Oh well...Here are some pics from my cook, I will skip the comments, most are self explanatory
  7. Mine came out pretty good. Everyone loved it but I am a critic, I thought it was just a touch overcooked as the slices pulled apart too easily but at least it wasn't under-cooked. Thats a big blower you have. My Auber has the 6.5 cfm works just fine. I stayed rock solid at 225f all night, I bumped it up to 250 then 300 after about 10 am since it still was not probing and I thought it would have been done by then. No more 225f for me it just takes too long. I am a hot and fast guy normally (on my stickburner) next one I will try at 250f on the Joe Here is a pic before I separated the point and flat and put the flat in the cooler. I think how it got overcooked was I left it in foil in the cooler to rest and it kept cooking. I have never used foil before, only butcher paper. It probed perfectly so I think thats what happened. Next time if I use foil I will use butcher paper for the resting period. The nice thing about the foil is it held the juices well as the butcher paper isnt that good for that One funny thing was one gal, my son's mother in law asked why they were called burnt ends. She said the were AWESOME not burnt at all!!! I guess she thought they would actually be burnt and nasty., why would anyone want to eat that. LOL
  8. Hi Mark! I am doing about the same thing! I put mine on last night about 8 pm with a 230 pit temp using my Auber controller. As I type this its about 7:30 am the flat is 163 the point 176. I usually dont look at the temps of the meat but I got a new bluetooth thermo with 4 probes so I figured might as well play with it My bark is about set. I plan on wrapping in foil soon. Another thing I have never done. I usually use butcher paper but am trying something a little different. I am going pour come beef consomme around the edges of the meat when I wrap When its done then I will separate the point and the flat, cambro the flat and make burnt ends from the point and at that time but my beans on the pit with them
  9. Well after sending some quality time with my pit getting it ready for my big brisket cook tomorrow night I looked at this felt. I think it's just cosmetic. It looks real nice. If it wasn't there there would be just raw unfinished ceramic between the gasket and the band on the Cooker. With that said I would not be happy without it. We are talking about a brand new $2000 Cooker here. Not an old Cooker that has been around the block for a few years. I don't know the answer but that's my thoughts on it. Regards
  10. Thanks. Counting down the hours now We are eating around 5 pm Sunday so thinking about starting Sat night around 6-8pm
  11. I understand what you are saying. When I first saw this felt on mine I thought it was kind of an odd thing to have there. Probably doesn't make any difference in the big picture.
  12. ...PBW LOL Seriously called Powdered Brewers Wash, I got it on Amazon
  13. Came out real nice! I didnt see any damage to the paint that wasnt already there And I took what was in the bucket and poured it in one of my 1/2 ss hotel pans I use for a drip pan and for beans See what it does to that
  14. Thanks for the reply I am not sure, it might have. I left it in to soak overnight and before I left for work I took it out and rinsed it off quick in my garage sink before I left for work. Its just sitting there in the sink, I didn't look it at as I was in a rush. From a quick glance at it I noticed that the lines on the tower were all nice and white again, so I was happy seeing that. It was bugging me that the first line was turning brown but really no big deal, that is expected I will report back later today
  15. Well that amount seems to have worked. I just dont know if I am wasting it by using too much? Comon someones gotta know. This is the place where I learned about this cleaner. If not I will get out my scale and measure next time Thanks
  16. Interesting. This is the first I have heard that the SloRoller makes much of a difference. I just got my Big Joe III and am doing a big brisket cook this weekend. I have been going back and forth about using it or just the heat deflector plates. Problem is if I use the SloRoller, I wont be able to fit my extender rack in there as I want to do some other things toward the end of the cook. I really want to try my CGS extender rack with this cook as I have never used it.
  17. I would agree with you. Why would it have a felt liner if it wasn't necessary? It is a waste of money and time at the factory to install if its not needed. I would like to know the answer to as I have a brand new BJ III (its fine at this point)
  18. Taking the advice of those here I bought some of this. The directions say 2-4oz per gallon to clean BBQ stuff I take it thats by weight? How much do you use? I guess I could have weighed it but I just put in 3 heaping tablespoons in a bucket of water with just enough water to cover the tower Thanks
  19. Yeah its a 6.5 cfm Thanks for commenting. Those Gateway smokers are super nice
  20. I have this old Auber pit controller, I have not used it in years. I used to have a charcoal barrel smoker I used it on that has long rusted out. For those not familiar with Auber this controller is as basic as it gets. No bells and whistles here. Just set the temp and thats it. I just got my BJ III and have only done one long cook on it, a pork butt last weekend that went fine I am going to do a big brisket cook on it this weekend and will have to do some of it while I am sleeping for various reasons. I am kind of nervous doing this without really knowing how this pit will run. So I decided to dig out my old Auber just to try it and see how it would work. The trap door on the blower was all gunked up from sitting in a box for probably 5 years, I cleaned it all up, cobbled up and adapter from some shim stock and off we went! After a kabob cook last night I figured might as well put it on and see what would happen. I really didnt think the blower was big enough. By the time I got the thing hooked up the pit temp was down to 200f. Afer about an hour with just guessing my top vent setting it was still sitting about 200f Crap I thought. Not going to work. So I started getting ready for bed, watched a little tv, came back and to check on it. Hey! right where I set it! 275f! I was amazed. So I left it run for as long as it could with the coals in it. Solid as a rock. I could not believe it. So I may just try it on the brisket Not really a huge fan of these things, I like doing things manually but for this I will give it a shot! A few pics
  21. I agree CTEX I am glad the one that came with my BJ III is not like that
  22. I dont know. I just bought a Big Joe 3 it has its own version of the basket with a divider that I find very handy Not sure what the classic 3 has so I cannot say for sure
  23. KAB=Kick Ash Basket https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/kick-ash-basket Dont worry you will get the hang of it. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it Its a learned skill. Your results of your efforts will make you proud
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