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  1. Wouldn't scratch the glass? It hasn't yet I use it on both Pyrex and Corning ware,I'm talking about the steel wool soap pads now, ok this is what I use. Just a SOS or Brillo pad
  2. not all of them seal completely, could very well be leaking from the lower vent
  3. I think you mistyped. You ment car not cart, right? well, ended up with a car (or cart) full of nothing. No road show. No charcoal anywhere in the store at all I could find oh well
  4. last day of the roadshow in my area is tomorrow We dont go to Costco as much as we should considering the membership fee I asked my wife if she wanted to go tomorrow, she said sure! Little does she know that we will be leaving with a cart full of lump lol
  5. Definitely understand re: hard-to-find woods. But the cost difference between Fruita and Home Depot is enough that they're essentially charging shipping... For woods that you can get easily locally, is there any advantage to Fruita or Vaughan? I see you can specify "no bark", but with the cost difference, I could probably throw away the pieces with bark in the Weber bag and still be better off on a cost-per-pound basis... If I could find what I like at HD or whatever I would buy it there instead of ordering it. For the record I have only bought it on line twice, its a rare occurrence for me
  6. If you do know someone with a membership give them money and have them buy you gift cards. You can then go yourself and shop. You don't have to be a member to use them
  7. thanks!! The roadshow is going on this weekend at our local Costco, so hope I caught it in time!!!
  8. Fruita does not charge shipping. Neither does Vaughn I buy woods I cannot find elsewhere But Vaughn has better prices for example 30 lb pecan chunks shipped from Fruita $59 http://www.fruitawoodchunks.com/pecan.html 30 lb pecan chunks shipped from Vaughn $42.50 http://shop.vaughnwoodproducts.com/Gourmet-Pecan-Wood-Chunks-GCM08PEC.htm
  9. http://www.vaughnwoodproducts.com/ http://www.fruitawoodchunks.com/ I have used both
  10. I use TJ briqs all the time when I use briq's (not in the Akorn) Its made by Rancher, its a quality product at a decent price it is a little harder to light and does burn a long time with little ash I just wish they carried it year round
  11. They have the Javelin (formerly Thermowand) and the Javelin Pro. The Pro does have backlighting. And is bigger. Faster and a longer probe. ok thanks for the clarification
  12. I have done some large cooks (200-300 chicken 1/4's) and for those cooks the few seconds saved with a Thermapen is real nice to have. One guy had one and it was great for that but for us average cooks the few seconds doesn't matter at all.
  13. I have the same model, same color but paid full price for it as there was nothing wrong with it I love it, its been a great unit I also have a Thermopop, its a great unit too. I also just bought a Thermoworks Dot, again, great unit The Javelin is not the same, its been upgraded, made bigger, I think its also back lit if I am not mistaken
  14. those just started showing up in the Costco's in SE Michigan! Same price Cheaper than RD, and I have never seen a prime at RD either I tried one, it was good but I had to trim more fat off it then usual I will buy again though
  15. I would not worry about it going from 225 to 250 its BBQ, the meat wont care.
  16. stack them up then stick bamboo skewers through them, then set them on end and spread them apart just a little not sure how many you could get on this but I would guess more than rib racks
  17. the SS grate has a few advantages. it weighs less it wont rust It wont break if dropped The warmer rack support will not crack over time as sometimes happens with the cast iron version
  18. huh? Guess what - last weekend I did a pizza followed by a all night pork butt. 28 hour RO cook with still a fair amount left. try it with the KJ then report back I am on the same load after 3 pizzas and a pork butt, forgot and a meatloaf on Sunday my typo should have been RO wont burn as long as KJ That does not mean a whole lot with an accounting of how many hours at what temp. But the point was you are not exactly interrupting a cook to reload even with RO. I never said you were reloading. to laugh at my experience I find insulting.
  19. huh? Guess what - last weekend I did a pizza followed by a all night pork butt. 28 hour RO cook with still a fair amount left. try it with the KJ then report back I am on the same load after 3 pizzas and a pork butt, forgot and a meatloaf on Sunday. And I have plenty left my typo should have been RO wont burn as long as KJ
  20. Uhm...kinda sounds like you are trying to say that a pound of KJ weighs more than a pound of a lesser brand - sorta the old joke about which weighs more...a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Physics would back the view that 40 pounds of KJ lump probably has the same potential energy of 40 pound of any other brand - dense or not. Difference being that with a nice dense lump like KJ - you may get 1 bag that WEIGHS 40 pounds, while the same VOLUME size bag of RO only weighs 25 pounds. i.e much more potential energy per bag. this is true but If you fill your bowl with RO it wont burn nearly as long as if you filled it with RO. Of course they sell both by the pound, thats why the RO bag is huge compared to the KJ bag
  21. I don't know if there is any truth to that The Ace connection I am aware of is I used to buy Wicked Good online for in store pickup from Ace. Then, they started carrying KJ cookers, all of the sudden WG lump was dropped on their website and replaced by KJ lump. They contents look similar but not the same to me. The KJ seems to be cut from larger chunks, whereas the WG has large chinks, but they seem to be whole pieces. Just what I have observed.
  22. I don't really buy the organic claim for lump. Lump typically has no binders or other additives. Maybe the trees are grown organically or something but that's really stretching it I think its marketing
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