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    Buttburner got a reaction from gemstatejake in Alternative heat deflector fo KJ.   
    I love the half moon deflectors. Very versatile
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    Buttburner reacted to Andy B in Alternative heat deflector fo KJ.   
    I thought the same thing when I first got my joe classic. Give it some time and I think you will come to prefer the half moons. They’re easy to lift out with the divide and conquer rack, and the ability to have dual heat zones because of the split deflectors is what makes Kamado Joes so great. I recently picked up a joe jr and I’m honestly disappointed it doesn’t have half moon deflectors. 
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    Buttburner reacted to Lenny S in First Kamado Joe - not impressed with quality control   
    I'm not asking for perfection but I know of no one that would buy a new Toyota with an extra seam down the bonnet and wonky wing mirror.  It seems there is more quality control in much cheaper alternatives.
    Also, I'm not looking for sympathy, just sharing my initial experience with the brand while trying to determine if this is on par with what others are seeing as well.
    Not to worry mate regarding my contributions, I'll help anyone if I can.
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    Buttburner reacted to Random Pointer in Dome thermometer off by 30-40F   
    I agree that the dome temp vs the grate temp will be different. I am not worry about it.
    However, this is not about dome vs grate. This is dome vs dome.
    My original post is about digital thermometer probes (Maverick, FlameBoss) clipped at the dome thermometer probe. The tip of the probes were about two inches apart, and they were different about 30 to 40 F compared to the KJ dome thermometer probe. The higher the temp, the wider the gap. KJ thermometer always showed a lower temp.
    I used a Tel-True BBQ thermometer (made for Kamado style cooker), clipped the digital thermometer probes the same way, and the difference was only about 5F. I think it is much more reasonable. I am sticking with that thermometer for now, and I will test the thermometer with another thermometer clipped in with my next few cooks.
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    Buttburner reacted to Gebo in Another Happy KJ Owner   
    Well,  the ceramic ring at the bottom of my Big Joe II cracked in two places.  I filed a claim in April on the ceramic ring and for some reason I received 
    the metal top ring for a Classic.  I got in touch with them and got it all figured out.  The ceramic ceramic ring on backorder about a month out.  I told them
    I really appreciated the metal top ring as I could use one as mine is all warped.  I said I would purchase one.  KJ said no worries, we will ship you
    a new one for you Big Joe II under warranty. SWEEET!  I got it about 2 weeks ago.
    The ceramic bottom ring was supposed to be here by May 4th.  From experience I am figuring June 4th.  Not a bid deal.  Well, I emailed today
    to do a little follow up to make sure I had not been forgotten and now it looks like a mid July ship date.  Guess what?  For my trouble, they gave me a choice
    of a soap or pizza stone for free.  That was a no brainer.  Soapstone is on its way.
    I am amazed at  how I am being treated.  Oh, if you don't have a soapstone, you don't know how good a steak can taste.
    So many times bad things get brought to our attention.  Just wanted you guys to know about this good thing.
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    Buttburner reacted to DonBB in Deep Clean...   
    I typically fire my Kamado up to 500 then kill it after most cooks just for ongoing cleaning.  However much charcoal you will need to reach 600 is how much charcoal you will need if you're just doing a cleaning burn.  It does not need to be completely full.
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    Buttburner reacted to Henry B 3 in How to do a super deep clean.. (and other maintenance/fixy questions)?   
    Food for thought, every high temp burn I have done in the past resulted in replacing gaskets, warped rings and it can be flat out scary.  This would apply to my BGE not the my Joe.  Was told the Joe gaskets will hold but I'm not confident.  Now I simply let the Kamado run after pulling my food from it for another 30 or so minutes and that has helped me over time from accumulated grease build up.  Good luck. 
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    Buttburner reacted to John Setzler in Kamado Joe 2 vs Kamado Joe 3   
    If the difference all boils down to the sloroller, then I'd say no.  It's not worth the difference in that case.  I'd still add the charcoal basket to the 2 if you get the 2.  If you come to the conclusion that you don't really need the Big Joe and can work with the Classic, get the classic 3 instead of the Big Joe 2.  You would be amazed at how much meat you can cook on the Classic.
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    Buttburner reacted to Geoff Taylor in Kamado Joe Tumbler Basket - FLAKING   
    I’m an ex chef - now in an IT related role. In my job, nothing with a critical known defect gets released. Ever.  I love my Kamado Joe, but it absolutely defies belief that this product was not tested over and over and over again, 100 cooks or more before proceeding to production and release. It has to have surely. So ... how is this happening? I can’t fathom it. Surely a company like KJ would do thorough testing? 
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    Buttburner got a reaction from John Adams in Thoughts on this new SloRoller   
    Use something like a pizza pan.
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    Buttburner reacted to Brandon Store in Kamado Joe Tumbler Basket - FLAKING   
    My control tower flakes and that I dont care. Functionality over looks for me. However, This I care because my second batch of wings were coated in the flaking. I threw em out. Maybe Ill get it sand blasted and strip the coating completely 
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    Buttburner reacted to Charles Wagon in Rusted Cast Iron Fire Grate   
    A soak in an equal mix of white vinegar and water should go a long way in removing/dissolving the rust. Then, go at it with mechanical scrubbing.
    Here's a good resource on cast iron cleaning:
    If this is the fire grate, I don't see the point in seasoning it, or actually, even spending too much time on rust removal. In the firebox, any seasoning would likely be burned right off, leaving bare cast iron, which will rust again.
    A high temp cook off will cook off any seasoning on the fire grate, or other cast iron surfaces.
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    Buttburner reacted to len440 in Rusted Cast Iron Fire Grate   
    If it's the fire grate just fire that bad boy up as long as they hold charcoal there good to go 
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    Buttburner reacted to Rpark1957 in Big Joe 2017 Lid Removal   
    I got it.
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    Buttburner reacted to John Setzler in Probes not properly plugged in   
    Moving to the Kamado Joe section of the forum...
    There is a Facebook group for iKamand owners where you will be able to get some help.  It's called the iKamand Owners Group.
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    Buttburner reacted to byee in Top vent loose   
    I’m tagging along for their expertise.
    I’m still patiently waiting for the replacement gasket material for my Kamado Joe kontrol tower.
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    Buttburner reacted to Grillfather29 in Kamado Joe 2 vs Kamado Joe 3   
    This detailed explanation is very helpful.  I have made the KJ BJ 3 purchase after 5 months of cooking on the Classic I.  My upgrade is scheduled to arrive Monday and this forum makes me believe I made the right choice.
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    Buttburner reacted to John Setzler in Kamado Joe Cooking Channel - no more John Setzler?   
    I decided to change things up a bit last summer.  Atlanta Grill Company had showed a lot of interest in parterning with me back in 2019.  After some discussions with them I started that partnership early in 2020.  I decided that it was in my best interest to focus on the partnership with AGC and continue my support of the Kamado Joe product line through the Atlanta Grill Company partnership rather than trying to do both.  
    I make one or two videos a week that get posted to the Atlanta Grill Company Facebook page and YouTube channels.  I also typically share those vides out to my Man Cave Meals Facebook page as well:
    I have also opened up a new platform where I am producing free and exclusive content for anyone who wishes to support my efforts with a membership:
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    Buttburner reacted to John Setzler in Why can’t I keep the temperature at 225 degree?   
    This is why
    There is a learning curve with Kamado grills.  Not many people master temp control on the first or second or third or fourth try.  
    I would recommend having a look at the pinned post in the Kamado Cooking section called "The Kamado Book of Knowledge".  That is a little document I put together that will get you over the learning curve quickly and demystify a lot of notions about kamado cooking.
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    Buttburner got a reaction from DanSchlim in Is the Sloroller worth it?   
    I agree with jtemple
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    Buttburner reacted to jtemple in Is the Sloroller worth it?   
    The main downside is cleaning it, if you care to clean it. You can't burn off all the grease like you can with the ceramic heat deflectors. Anything over 500 with the slo roller and you'll warp it.
    Mine is gunky enough that the pieces stick together when it's cold, more so when it's below freezing outside. I have a 16" diameter drip pan that is just bit smaller than the top disk of the sloroller, and that still doesn't stop all the grease buildup.
    I have cooked with and without it, and frankly can't tell the difference. The only reason I use it is because it came with my grills. I wouldn't buy one.
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    Buttburner reacted to Polar Bear in Why can’t I keep the temperature at 225 degree?   
    Here is what i believe causes Temp Creep, but I'm happy to be corrected by the members here 
    When you start your grill, if you do not allow it to come up to temp and heat soak the ceramics before you put your meat on, you have a portion of your thermal energy (created by the fire) being slowly absorbed into the ceramics
    So, your fire is actually too big for the temp you want because once the ceramics have absorbed the required thermal energy, it now becomes ambient thermal energy (ambient grill temperature)
    The amount of charcoal in the fire box doesn't matter at this point, your fire is too big for the temp you want maintain.
    You could reduce the amount of fuel you start with (in order to avoid a large fire) but then you run the risk of running out of fuel before you complete the cook.
    Basically, you need to cook more and take your time 
    Next time, dont touch your vents once you set them
    If your grill eventually settles at 300f, let it stay there (cooking briskets at 300f is fine, i normally do mine at 330f).
    See what the temp does for the entire cook if you leave it alone. It'll settle where it settles after 3 or 4 hours, then you'll have a baseline of vent settings for next time
    Rinse and repeat 
    I recommend avoiding brisket while you are learning this process
    Its an expensive cut of meat with a reasonable margin for error if you already know what you're doing 
    Stick to chicken and pork til you know how your grill works and you've still got your training wheels on  
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    Buttburner reacted to Polar Bear in Why can’t I keep the temperature at 225 degree?   
    Sounds like temp creep
    Try setting your vents earlier 
    If you want a long stable cook, add a starter cube, let it burn for around 10min with the lid open, then shut your lid and set your vents 
    Leave it alone for at least 90min
    When you come back, it'll be fully heat soaked and what its settled at is what it will stay at (unless you change a vent setting)
    Dont stress about a 25f to 50f difference. If you want 225f and it settles at 250f, you'll be fine, dont try to chase it
    These things take time to come up to temp 
    Every Kamado is different so the vent settings you see on You Tube videos may not always translate to your backyard, use them as a guide and go from there 
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    Buttburner got a reaction from Duke_Kaboom in Kamado Joe Usage During Cold Winters   
    great tip on the clamps. I love my roto joe
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    Buttburner reacted to Duke_Kaboom in Kamado Joe Usage During Cold Winters   
    Turned out great!  I did one turkey with a bbq rub on the joetisserie for an hour, then it went into the fryer for 3 min/lb.  This one stayed on the joetisserie for about 3 hours or so with a butter lemon herb mix.  Temp was between 300F and 320F (I used the flame boss to try and keep it dialed in, as it was windy and quite cold yesterday).  Both birds were fantastic but I prefer this one.  I'd say it even beats spatchcocking.    
    One note for other newbies out there that I want to mention - adjust your rotisserie clamps every hour or so. As the bird cooks/shrinks you may have to reseat and push them together more during the cook to get a firm grip.

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