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    Buttburner reacted to Rick_W in Kamado Joe Usage During Cold Winters   
    My temps rarely get into the teens (°F) but I just build the fire as normal and let it cool off as normal.  I don't see how you could thermal shock the ceramics unless you let the fire build to max temp and then threw ice water inside.  I've seen pics with snow still accumulating on some eggs during low and slow cooks.
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    Buttburner reacted to len440 in Kamado Joe Usage During Cold Winters   
    The only difference between using my classic II in the summer and the winter is in the winter i wear a thick jacket
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    Buttburner reacted to LargeRedJoe in Firebox piece missing on my brand new Big Joe   
    That is a really weird quality control issue. Prior to shipping the petals are firmly snugged into form-fitted Styrofoam packing material and then placed inside the grill. It means someone either a) didn't pack a petal or b) removed one petal before the crate left the factory (broken, chipped, whatever). IOW that gap in the styrofoam would / should have been visible. 
    You can try to nudge KJ to send a complete firebox; those may be in stock vs. a single petal. But I'm just spitballing... 
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    Buttburner reacted to chaluk in iKamand Pit Temp Only   
    I do it all the time using my Joetisserie.  I think you go to the Monitor tab.  I just did it this weekend on some St. Louis spares and I can't remember what I did, other than NOT selecting a food type in that one screen.
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    Buttburner reacted to Polar Bear in KJ Fire Construction   
    I fill my BJ up til the charcoal is just below the heat deflectors
    With the SloRoller in place, you should be able to fill your Classic right up 
    Theres no downside to adding more charcoal (if you have the space) so i'd fill'er up all the way 
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    Buttburner reacted to Golf Griller in Chipped deflectors   
    I don't scrape my deflectors at all. I just turn them over the next time I cook. The fire will burn off anything that dripped on them.
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    Buttburner got a reaction from Vanole in iKamand Has Developed a Mind of Its Own   
    That won't work with my big joe. The wire is too short with the lid opened. I just put it on the grate works just fine 
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    Buttburner got a reaction from dh14ster in Best pizza to date!   
    Yeah thanks its made a bit different than most of you are used to
    The dough is a high hydration (more water than usual) and uses bread flour
    The dough is really sticky and soupy, once you mix it and let it rise a bit you spread it in a well oiled pan and once its to shape you let it rise in the pan for a few hours.
    A nice layer of pepperoni goes on the bottom. The thin sliced stuff.
    The juices from the pepperoni soak into the crust while its cooking, making the crust nice and crispy but soft (not too fluffy). Then the cheese goes on (traditional Detroit style uses Wisconsin brick cheese, or you can use a mix of low moisture mozz and young jack cheese. The cheese goes all the way to the edges of the pan, this is critical since it melts between the crust and the pan giving the crust an unbelievable light crunchy cheesy texture Detroit pizza is so famous for
    Then you can add toppings like onions pepper etc.
    Then the sauce goes on. Thats why its sometimes called Red Top pizza. It's a very simple sauce made with crushed tomatoes sugar and a few spices. Some cook the pizza warm up the sauce then spoon it on top before serving. If prefer to add it before baking. 
    Then you finish it with some good pepperoni with the skin on so it cups like you see it in the pic. Baked in the Big Joe III with the heat deflector on the star rack middle position on the D&C rack and the pizza on the grates on the top position running around 475-500F for about 15 mins
    Here is another pic of the dough in the pan.
    Oh forgot about the pan! Its a special pan made just for this with high sloping sides and is black in color to help it give that crisp crust. You can actually buy these special pans on Amazon. The original pans when this pizza was first created in 1946 were made in old pans from the Detroit auto factories, they held auto parts. Some of these pans are still in use today at the original Buddys pizza, they are prized possessions.
    Probably more then you ever wanted to know about Detroit style pizza but there it is lol

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    Buttburner got a reaction from dh14ster in Best pizza to date!   
    Buddy's Detroit Deep dish style. Since I live in the Detroit area I know this pizza well. Just started making it
    Nailed it on the second try!!
    First one was pretty good but a little refining and I got it!!!

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    Buttburner reacted to Gebo in Another Tremendous Warranty Testimony   
    If I had known what I know now, I would have taken your path
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    Buttburner reacted to Gebo in Another Tremendous Warranty Testimony   
    Remember how my DoJoe started flaking off and rusting.  It was really bad. Many people said to just
    get used to it but I filed a claim anyways. 
    WOOHOO....Look what I found on my front porch!!!
    I will have to give them credit.  They have gone beyond the call of duty for ALL of my issues!
    My dealer is useless but KJ Corp has been too good to me.  Slooooooww but GREAT!

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    Buttburner reacted to Remoh in Cedar Plank Salmon~Ginger/Soy   
    Everyone likes this recipe when I prepare it.
    Skin on Salmon filets coarse ground salt and pepper, sprinkle with Ginger Powder and soak in Soy Sauce meat side down 1-2 hours. Start at 400*  shut vents don't get below 350*. Cook until flesh separates with poke. I served with wilted greens and mashed taters

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    Buttburner reacted to Charles Wagon in Best pizza to date!   
    That's some good looking pizza, @Buttburner!
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    Buttburner got a reaction from Brandon Store in never ending stall on pork   
    is it still cooking?
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    Buttburner reacted to BigKev in Multi-Petal Firebox Question   
    When you say holding temp, is it dropping or raising?
    It it keeps raising regardless of closing the vents, then you either have an air leak somewhere or your lighting too much charcoal at the start.
    If it keeps dropping, then you either have something blocking airflow, or the vents are closed up too much. Also quality of charcoal can make a difference. Charcoal can also absorb moisture in humid environments and that can alter how hot it burns and how it spreads to neighboring coals. Crap charcoal with small bits can also clog up the firebox or impede airflow.
    If the temp is all over the place, then you are either adjusting too much and not giving it enough time to settle before making an adjustment, or the wind is gusting, or the lid is being opened. A 20-30f degree shift over an entire cooking over time is fine, and pretty normal as it burns through different sized pieces of lump it may go up and down. I think people keep trying to keep it deadlocked on a certain temp and the are adjusting the vents way too much and as such causing the temp swings. Small adjustments, then give it time to respond. With so much thermal mass in the KJ, it going to take awhile to change. Just my $.02
    PS. Another thing that dogged me for a long time was that the temp my electronic probe was showing vs the dome thermo. The electronic probe is showing you real time instant temp at the exact location the probe is at. The dome is showing you the dome temp and is slower reacting. So it's more of an "average" temp. So I was also chasing the electronic temp which would vary as air currents changes, which side of the coal pile was burning more vs the other, the proximity to the cold meat, momentary flair-ups etc. If you know your dome temp is accurate, then go off of that and use the other as a reference point.
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    Buttburner reacted to Up North Engineering in Best pizza to date!   
    Looks amazing! I'll have to try this one of these days. I love Detroit style pizza, though I'm partial to Louie's in Hazel Park (I know Louie's and Buddy's has a shared history.) 
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    Buttburner got a reaction from Rob_grill_apprentice in Best pizza to date!   
    Buddy's Detroit Deep dish style. Since I live in the Detroit area I know this pizza well. Just started making it
    Nailed it on the second try!!
    First one was pretty good but a little refining and I got it!!!

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    Buttburner got a reaction from JeffieBoy in never ending stall on pork   
    is it still cooking?
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    Buttburner reacted to Fromwithin in Chicken on the Big Joetisserie   
    Been awhile and I have done a few birds on the Joetisserie. Here is how I do it in order to eliminate the burnt grease taste that you may get when doing chicken.
    First I bank all the charcoal to the back of the Kamado Joe. Light it up to get it hot and get rid of the white smoke.
    Next I take a small tin foil baking dish (the rectangular ones) and fill about 3/4 way full of water. Place this underneath where you figure your rotisserie chicken will be. You will likely need to move the charcoal around. My typical charcoal looks like a steep wall climbing the back of the Kamado.
    Next place your rotisserie on and start it. Once the chicken warms up and juices are flowing, take a look to ensure the juices are dripping into the water. If not make your adjustments on the baking dish.
    Some people like to add a bit of smoking wood during the cook. I wait until the end to add the smoke flavour.
    Once you roughly have about 20-30 minutes left on your cook, I open the lid and add a couple medium sized smoking chunks (usually apple and cherry), this is the key to crisping up the skin and giving the bird some smoke. Leave the lid open the entire time. Get those coals hot enough that your igniting the smoking wood, this intense heat will crisp up the skin. After the wood ignites, it will eventually go out and start smoking. Now you have some good blue smoke, and the skin has crisped up enough to mitigate the smoke absorbing too quickly into the bird. 
    Now keep thermometer handy and once you reach your desired temp, remove from the grill and let rest for 10 minutes before carving.
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    Buttburner reacted to DonBB in Secure from the wind   
    It would take some serious wind to blow over a KJ.  We've had two Hurricanes hit us directly this season and my KJ didn't budge.
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    Buttburner got a reaction from Misguided in never ending stall on pork   
    is it still cooking?
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    Buttburner got a reaction from SmallBBQr in never ending stall on pork   
    is it still cooking?
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    Buttburner got a reaction from JeffieBoy in never ending stall on pork   
    The only reason I said bump it up to 275 is its obviously cooking at too low a temp for whatever reason
    Increase the temp, get through the cook then investigate the root of the problem on a full stomach
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    Buttburner got a reaction from Brick Pig in Big Thanks to KJ!!!   
    A few weeks ago I bought an iKamand.
    I used it a few times then I noticed a crack developing in the plastic housing. It still works but I have to be careful with it.
    I submitted the proper warranty claim with photos etc. I asked for a new blower unit. A few days later a gal replied and said they would send me a new one.
    So I was happy, expected a new blower unit.
    They sent me a complete new iKamand! Just like it came off the shelf of a store. New box, new probes, everything
    Gotta say that real impressive. The whole thing took about 2 weeks from my claim to receiving the new one yesterday.
    Beel reading a lot about lagging warranty service, maybe they are getting that all behind them now!!
    Hats Off to Kamado Joe! I know I made the right choice investing in them!!!
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    Buttburner reacted to Jon K in quick question: first slow and low cook, do I need to make sure all of charcoal is lit?   
    it went well for my first slow and low cook. surprised that it worked with just lighting the center.
    I had small baby back ribs from Whole Foods. maybe about 1.5lbs for a whole rack. I did a 2-1-0.5 and that was almost too much. so, for thinner ribs, which should I shorten? the initial unfoiled smoke?
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