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  1. Painted these this morning and got it mounted. Love not having to bend over!
  2. Thanks for posting this! Just got home from Lowe's after purchasing all of this and excited to get them painted and attached. Such a easy/compact solution that you can even disassemble and take with you on the go.
  3. So jealous of you guys that have the Jr being sold at Walmarts in your area. I have checked all over Phoenix and nothing. After looking on ebay, craigslist, etc, I finally bit the bullet and bought one on Chargriller.com for $185 shipped (uugghhhh!!!!). I love my Akorn Sr. so much that I didn't want to miss out on getting a Jr while available. Plan on setting up a heat diffuser like ckreef's.
  4. Appreciate this Kismet. I may try to go by my Walmart tomorrow and ask them if they have this upc in the system.
  5. Would love to have the walmart-specific SKU so I can call around
  6. Damn, this really sucks. I checked 4 Walmarts near me in the Phoenix area and no luck. Guessing the supply was regional.
  7. Any luck out in Arizona anyone? I plan to swing by my local Walmart tomorrow.
  8. SKU => Stock Keeping Unit. It's the bar code on every product sold in a store that's scanned at the register. I think people are asking what the actual SKU number is for the item at Walmart.
  9. Looks great! I made my second pulled pork today, using a new rub and some new techniques. I am in food heaven right now. I love my Akorn. Also, big props to John for his Man Cave Pork Rub. I am glad I made extra, because this stuff was incredible.
  10. Good question... The top rack was foiled after ~2 hours, with apple juice and honey added to the foiling. The bottom rack was only dry rubbed and left uncovered. I thought the foiled ribs were a little more tender, and definitely sweeter, but to be honest, I preferred the uncovered ribs! I like that taste of dry, good barbecue, and thats what I got! As a matter of fact, just put another rack on right now as my in-laws are coming over tonight.
  11. I'm surprised you hold heat that long... I wonder if you are getting air which is keeping it going longer?????? My akorn doesn't appear to leak and when I'm done cooking and close the vents, I can usually put my cover on within 2 hrs. Maybe it's because I don't usually start with a full firebox but it never takes more than a cple hrs to cool down. Wow, I can never put my cover on until the next morning. I did notice during today's cook that I have a few leaks; one at the back where the seal ends meet, and one or two small spots of the gasket along the sides.
  12. Congrats on the cook, glad it turned out good! I will likely forego the foiling today as well, see how it turns out, and try something different next time.
  13. Appreciate all the comments guys, thanks for calming my worries. CC, the main reason I state I could hold a temp of 250-300 without a fire is simply the amount of time my Akorn can hold temps after full vent closure at the end of a cook. I have found mine to stay above 200 degrees for 6-10 hours, after a 300-350 cook. And that is theoretically with "no" oxygen, so I could infer with the vents open even slightly, those temps would hold (and possibly even longer), even if I had no active fire. That's likely inaccurate, but it's where my "feel" came from. I have done 2 baby back cooks, in addition to lots of "grilling" on my Kamado. This is my first "low and slow" outside of the ribs, which is why I have the questions, as I don't have much experience below 300 degrees. It will come, I am sure.
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