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  1. Not bad! Thanks for the tip. I have to run by there today anyway!
  2. So will the stone not fit? I figure with the three tabs that stick out on the smokin stone it would eventually just catch/wedge itself in the fire bowl, but it may be too big to even put in there. If not, I hope it has both grates.
  3. Going on a trip to Panama City with some guys and staying at a place on the beach that I believe has a vision. Pictures aren't high res enough to see anything clearly, but i believe it's the kind that also has the propane insert. I've never used a vision, just my akorn and big joe, so I'm not sure of the ins and outs. Will the akorn's smokin stone fit? I don't want to buy anything else, but we want to smoke some meats. I also have some broken big joe deflectors that may work? Here are some pics that could be relevant. Thanks
  4. There's another recent thread with the same issue. I've cracked 3 and just ordered my second replacement pair. I pretty much only do low and slows in the big joe with the deflectors. One thing I think may cause it is the moisture. I don't use drip pans. Drippings could soak in and cause the cracks? Can you warranty the deflectors if you buy them off of Amazon?
  5. I have a Big Joe and I just ordered my second replacement pair because I just cracked my third 1/2. Frustrating because I almost exclusively do 225-300 degree cooks on it, with a slight bump at the end to cook the juices and remaining bits. For reference, I've used my smokin stone in the akorn hundreds of times more (I'm on my second Akorn) at substantially higher temps. It has a superficial crack, but has held with that for probably 2 years. I would guess with such a large surface area, being thinner, and less room around it to allow heat to flow, the fire gets much hotter underneath KJ deflectors than the smokin stone. I feel your pain.
  6. Thank you! Last questions, does this mean I should start over, and how would I do it if I need to?
  7. I've been using flax seed oil but read it can flake. What do you use?
  8. Ok, how do you keep that beautiful uniform season on it? Mine started out great, but the more I cook the more blemishes I get on it from the last cook. That a sign that I'm not burning off enough before re-oiling?
  9. Is there a trick to opening this? I can't get it to load Edit: nevermind. Got it on my phone.
  10. This is perfect timing. My father-in-law JUST asked me about kamados yesterday. Thinking of getting in the game. This is absolutely perfect because he's a big researcher like you. Retired engineer...
  11. Thanks. I guess we're close to that, especially with very few bones. Maybe buying things on sale in bulk at my go-to spot is just the cheaper way to go, but this has some beautiful marbling. I'll mix and match.
  12. Favorite cut of meat. Always a big hit. I'm diggin that apron, too! Is that custom made?
  13. Don't know exactly where to post this, but I hope there are some experts here. I have a client whose family has been in the cattle industry for a long time. Recently, he and I went in on a cow from his dad's farm. This was my first time doing so. It seemed like a great deal, $2.99/lb total. That was based on the hanging weight. The way he's always had his processed is a lot of ground beef, roasts, and steaks. No whole brisket or ribs, they grind those up in there. I was a little hesitant about that, but I figured I'd get it done the same way he does as to not complicate things this time. The hanging weight was 325 lbs for my half. I have to say I was a little let down when the meat processor wheeled out 5 medium sized boxes not as tall as the dolly they were on, loaded them in the back of my truck and said "there you go." I was with my dad, and we both asked if he was sure that was it. He said that was all. So, of course I weighed the boxes as soon as I got home, and it came up to 177 lbs. Is this normal? I know bones and extra fat must weigh a good bit, but is it almost 50% of the side? He said the ground meat was pretty lean, so I assume a lot of the roasts and sirloins got thrown in there, and excess fat was discarded. Just wanted some clarity from people who know more than I do. Somebody educate me, please!
  14. Welcome, sir! You'll really love that thing, and so will the people around you once you get the hang of it. Good luck!
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