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  1. This was similar to my Blackstone griddle seasoning. Had a beautiful look to it after seasoning it 6 times, letting it smoke, turning it off to cool once there was no more smoke, and doing it all over again. Smooth and not sticky. First cook the bacon stuck to it. Disappointing, but after cooking greasy burgers on it a few times, no more sticking. That's probably what I'll do in this.
  2. I've been doing it on the stove with flaxseed oil, but I also did it twice in the oven to get the edges better. 450 may not be hot enough? I figured it needed quite a few times before it got a tough season on it.
  3. I cooked bacon on it today because I'm an impatient person. It's a lot easier to clean, but I won't be using the chain metal to do it anymore. It scratched the seasoning. I'll be cooking fatty meats and oily foods exclusively for awhile. Nothing with tomatoes like @Chris Topher suggested with acidic foods. That'll be in the other one.
  4. For as easy as it is, I could see someone selling them at farmer's markets and things like that. It's coming along with the seasoning. Got one spot that was just a smidge too thick on one of the first ones, but I think it's just a cosmetic flaw.
  5. if you have a sander that will fit down in there you'd only need the drill for the grinder, which you'll have plenty of juice for. I was already sanding when it died.
  6. I found out it wasn't. You may have a big time drill, but mine got really hot and the battery quit on me about 10 minutes in. Had to pull out the corded one and let the battery cool a while before charging it.
  7. They've always been rough. I kept the one with a better seasoning on it as it is, and will compare the two as fairly as I can. If you have a corded drill you're halfway there. Then you get these: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Avanti-Pro-4-in-x-1-in-Non-Woven-Drill-Mount-Quick-Strip-Disc-PNW040100D01G/202830913?g_store=1401&mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_7_POWER_TOOL_ACCESSORIES-Multi-NA-Feed-LIA-NA-NA-PowerToolAccessories_LIA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_7_POWER_TOOL_ACCESSORIES-Multi-NA-Feed-LIA-NA-NA-PowerToolAccessories_LIA-71700000043746545-58700004596952413-92700038656498262&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQiAno_uBRC1ARIsAB496IVhupXQhDk1zooRBLVsYBTfYd67PQxuLzVRdWyOTdQAJaDEOSgTozgaAnVAEALw_wcB https://www.homedepot.com/p/Diablo-5-in-StickFast-Sanding-Disc-Kit-DCD050KITD01G/202830915?keyword=diablo+drill+sanding&searchtype=text&semanticToken=21300000111_201911071333061020048_xh4m+21300000111+>++cnn%3A{0%3A0}+cnr%3A{7%3A1}+cnd%3A{4%3A0}+cne%3A{8%3A0}+cnb%3A{0%3A0}+cns%3A{5%3A0}+cnx%3A{3%3A0}+st%3A{diablo+drill+sanding}%3Ast+oos%3A{0%3A1}+br%3A{diablo}%3Abr+pt%3A{drill}%3Apt+rt%3A{sanding}%3Art+dln%3A{552594}+qu%3A{diablo+drill+sanding}%3Aqu The sanding bit comes with two 40s, two 80s and one 120. I got a 180 and a 220 on top of that. I'll try to remember to come back and let you know if it was worth the time.
  8. By the way, for safety's sake I was wearing a respirator and the filters ended up a lot darker when I was done. A mask and glasses are required.
  9. This was on a Lodge 10". Pretty cool little project that may turn into Christmas presents for cast iron fans. I've seen a few videos and used an Avanti pro 4" grinder on my drill, then some Diablo sanding pads with the stickfast end. 40 grit then 60, 80, 120, 180, and 220. Took about 45 minutes for my first time. This thing is so much smoother. Considering I could do this to 2 others I could save a lot of money by grinding and polishing myself. If I can do it, anyone can. Excited to see how she cooks vs the others.
  10. I'd agree with this and the comment earlier suggesting you try beef ribs, which are tastier in my opinion. The last two briskets I've done were around 13-15 pounds. Kept them between 285-300 and they were both probe tender all over in 9 hours or less. Empty drip pan, no spraying, and I just pressed foil over the top of of it when it hit the stall. Don't know if that helps anything, but it didn't slow it down! I did separate the point from the flat mid-cook to make burnt ends, so that would speed up the process a little. Good luck!
  11. After owning only Akorns and an Akorn Jr., the upgrade to the Big Joe came with a huge learning curve. I was used to being able to get it to temp in 15 minutes and holding there, and when I tried that on the Big Joe a) it didn't happen, and b) I was running that temp up WAAAY too quickly. It would hold for an hour or so, then shoot up 100 degrees. After over a year of some inconsistent temps with huge spikes, I can now keep it steady for many hours without having to worry about it. The key for me was letting it very slowly come up to temp and heat soak. Takes about an hour, but 90% of my cooks are between 250-275 degrees on it, so I usually have the whole day blocked off anyway. I just light it right when I wake up and start prepping everything else. Higher temp cooks take a little too long for cooking dinner, so I use my Akorn for the day-to-day cooks. BTW, don't trust the dome thermometer at all if you're using the deflectors. I did one tri-tip and wasn't a huge fan. It was tender, but tasted like hot dogs. Looking back, I may have smoked it with hickory... Either way, don't be discouraged! I don't have a DoJoe, but if you have a table that you can put off to the side you can set 4 fire bricks spaced apart in a four corners pattern to set the edges of it on. Just have to worry about getting it there and people/pets touching it. I bought some at ~$1 a piece from Antique Brick and Outdoor. I put them on the Big Joe side shelves when I need to set the hot grates or stones aside since the shelves will melt. Good luck!
  12. Not bad! Thanks for the tip. I have to run by there today anyway!
  13. So will the stone not fit? I figure with the three tabs that stick out on the smokin stone it would eventually just catch/wedge itself in the fire bowl, but it may be too big to even put in there. If not, I hope it has both grates.
  14. Going on a trip to Panama City with some guys and staying at a place on the beach that I believe has a vision. Pictures aren't high res enough to see anything clearly, but i believe it's the kind that also has the propane insert. I've never used a vision, just my akorn and big joe, so I'm not sure of the ins and outs. Will the akorn's smokin stone fit? I don't want to buy anything else, but we want to smoke some meats. I also have some broken big joe deflectors that may work? Here are some pics that could be relevant. Thanks
  15. There's another recent thread with the same issue. I've cracked 3 and just ordered my second replacement pair. I pretty much only do low and slows in the big joe with the deflectors. One thing I think may cause it is the moisture. I don't use drip pans. Drippings could soak in and cause the cracks? Can you warranty the deflectors if you buy them off of Amazon?
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