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    I bought mine off Amazon's warehouse deals, which is usually a returned item. There's one now that's in "like new" condition... http://amzn.to/2daddqM
  2. That does not look right. Have you tried the dollar bill test? Put a dollar bill between the felt, with the lid down, you should some resistance when you pull on the paper.
  3. I like it, when life gives you lemons, make ribeye steaks, always :D
  4. Finally found a market that would sell me some beef ribs... Tried it on the Jr tonight.
  5. Hi there, My son came home with some sprouting pumpkin seeds that they started in school this spring. So we planted them in the backyard without giving much thought. Boy, that thing GREW! So, I've been hunting for some recipes to try to use them because I don't like pumpkin pies that much. I stumbled upon this recipe during my search: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/roast-pumpkin-with-cheese-fondue-350655 I tried it a few weeks back with much success, so I'm cooking it again to go with the brisket for a little get together with friends and family. The brisket started at 6am and is already resting in the ice chest. Just waiting for the pumpkin now... Here's a teaser, more pictures later.
  6. I toss whatever falls through, but I don't shake it THAT hard. Just gentle shakes to get the ashes to fall through.
  7. That took about an hour at 400f, but only 30 minutes to clean to the bones
  8. My coworker showed me her favorite chicken recipe: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-a-zuni-cafe-roasted-chicken-at-home-34903 It's different from what I've seen, which involves stuffing herbs under the skin and dry brining. So I decided to take it put my own "spin" on it :D It's on now, will update with more pics later.
  9. Today is my son's birthday, so we had all relatives come over for a dinner. I just happen to have a slab of ribeye aged since July 4th, so I cut it up into 12 steaks and cooked them all! It wasn't easy fitting them all on the Joe Classic, but since I'm reverse searing them, I just stood some of them up. I don't think that would have worked with non-dry-aged because dry-aged steaks are more firm so they won't fall down.
  10. We have the old traditional and newer instant pot. We use it to cook soup. One of my fav is ox tail + vegetables (celeries, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomato paste). It's also good to make chinese braised pork. Basically, instead slow cook for hours, you can do it in 1 or less. There are lots of instant pot recipes on youtube, one that we tried and liked was mashed potatoes. Almost forgot, the Brazillian black beans feijoada in my cook here: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/22885-brazilian-bbq-for-tonight-first-cook-on-the-classic-joe/?hl=brazillian#entry301921
  11. 3 racks of babybacks, each with a different type of rub 2 strips of boneless beef short ribs all in the Classic with Jr grate as extender.
  12. my recent order from amazon... comes out to be a little over $1/lb, it was on sale.
  13. Looks like a nice trip! I've ditched my portable gasser for the Jr for camping. I'll be going to Big Bear the week after July 4th. Here's a picture I took from our trip a month ago:
  14. To shuck the corn, I do this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J89FJcHJ1pQ very easy, clean corn every time! It's one of my "camping" trick.
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