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  1. ETA: I forgot to mentiom that after you take the glaze off of the heat, you can add a little ginger ale, sprite, or anything really to thin it out just a bit. I used ginger ale last night. Cheers.
  2. Felt like a rib night

    Looks perfect. Pecan is my favorite for almost anything.
  3. Kamado Joe Jr. 375* 1 chunk pecan wood 1 chunk apple wood Approx 50 minutes or internal temp reaches 140-160. Rub: 3 tbsp dark brown sugar 2 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp kosher salt Dash of garlic powder Dash of crushed rosemary Dash cayenne pepper Dash of seven pepper medley (Save a little bit for the glaze later) Now the fun part. It's one of my favorite ways to top any pork loin. Bourbon marmalade glaze: 1 shot bourbon Top half of a jar of orange marmalade Splash of worsteschire sauce Splash of teriaki sauce 1 tbsp of Country Bob's or BBQ sauce(dont over do it here) And a dash of left over rub In a small saucepan bring your favorite bourbon (about a shot's worth or more depending on your taste buds) to a simmer. Then, add about the top half of a jar of orange marmalade to the bourbon. Then add the remainder of ingredients stirring frequently until a rich brown color is achieved. Remove from heat and add a small amount to the loin just before you take it off. This thing is super easy and one of my favorites to do. This loin cost me 8 bucks and could've easily fed 6 people. Cheap and full of flavor.
  4. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    Did that Monday. I've got both. Didn't get the junior for free though and don't want to talk about why not.
  5. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    Looks pretty handy. $150 though? Wow.
  6. Terracotta Planter Feet for Big Joe?

    I have access to excess bricks for days. May try that.
  7. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    Do you have a pic of this setup?
  8. So I've acquired a freestanding Joe and plan on bulding a combo table for it and the Junior. As mentioned in the subject, will terracotta feet be substantial enough for the 250 lb BJ? I'm not against using several around the circumference if needed.
  9. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    Thanks for the replies. John, when you say "bolts" down surely you don't mean literally. It just rests in the bottom of the fire box cast iron grate holes right? Regardless, I'll end up experimenting and coming to my own conclusions on how everything works cook-wise. Just interesting to hear what others say. Can't wait to get some actual time with it.
  10. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    Good to know. Is it a PITA to remove/install?
  11. Akorn to BJ upgrade and questions

    I have considered the Classic. However, it just seems right to have the BJ (24"), Akorn (19.5"), and the Jr. (?"). There will be several occasions throughout the year that 2-4 turns into 10+ as well. Also, the Akorn won't last forever. If I were to get the classic, then I'd be left with a smaller cooker than what I started with (and no Jr).
  12. So I've been lurking for a while now stewing in jealousy of everyone on the KJ forum for a couple years now. Well, I'm finally going to make the jump and get the Big Joe I've been wanting basically since I got my Akorn (which I absolutely love and plan to keep using when necessary) and got familiar with Kamado cooking. I do have a couple questions though for BJ owners: 1. Is using the firebox divider handy for small cooks on a regular basis? Could I basically leave the BJ setup like that for majority of the cooks I'll do for 2-4 people? 2. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the amount of charcoal it consumes. Would setting it up like previuosly mentioned with the fb divider mitigate some of that? 3. I plan on getting the Jr. at the roadshow event, so this could remedy both questions. Will be a perfect setup with the Akorn to boot. Just curious if the BJ is versatile enough to handle what all 3 could do. TIA. Love this forum and look forward to contributing down the road. I probably won't actually have the grill setup until the new year when my new home is completed. Until then, I'll be working on the BJ's new home (table) as well. Ill be sure to post pics upon completion.
  13. That there's a fancy fire starter
  14. I see a lot of guys using cotton balls, weber starter cube thingies, roman candles, mortars, whatever. I think all that is great, and if it works for you, go for it. Here's what I do: First I tried using lent from the dryer. BIG MISTAKE. We have two dogs inside. Guess what? Burnt hair smells like...well burnt hair. Never again. So, during my first light, I'm brainstorming a bit on the porch when it dawns on me. I've got that brand new bag (paper) of lump and a can of olive oil and vegetable spray. DING DING DING Tear off a sheet of the inner liner of the bag. Wad it up into an egg sized ball, spray it down with a little oil just to coat it a bit, stick it in the coals wherever you want to start it up (depending on the cook method), and light it up. Super easy, cheap, and efficient. I've done it twice now with no trouble whatsoever. And if the first wad doesn't light up like you want it to, just wad up another and spray it down and drop it in on top of the other. Shouldn't even have to light it if any of the coals took to the first. Hope this helps! Happy cooking!