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  1. I have done NY style crusts successfully recently but really wanted to try my hand at achieving a Neapolitan style pizza. I used the recipe found at https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pizza-and-flatbread-recipes/neapolitan-style-pizza-dough-recipe However, I did deviate a bit as I don’t have a scale and couldn’t measure by weight. I also used White Lily bread flour as I couldn’t track down any “00” here locally. 10” stone + 1” ceramic spacers (3) atop the KJ deflector. KJ big block and Togo premium as full as I could get it safely. The recipe calls all’s for a surface temp of 600° and that’s most likely accurate. My first pie was a bit over cooked but still good at a surface temp of around 650°. After getting the temp down closer to 600°, they did much better. I did a Canadian bacon/shredded Italian cheese mix for my two boys, a traditional mozzarella/basil for me, and a pesto/goat cheese for my wife. Everybody was happy. Anyway, here they are: not everything went to plan though... This one didn’t cooperate coming coming off the peel.. so so I got an undercooked loaf of bread. :D
  2. I'll be trying to create an authentic Neapolitan in the next couple of days at a high heat. To break in my new 10" stone, I just did a couple last night as a test run with John's same day (hour) dough recipe. I'm running the stone atop 1" ceramic spacers on top of the KJ deflector. This cook followed John's suggestions at 14 min. total cook time around 400 degrees F. Here's what it turned out: IMHO, I'm not crazy about this recipe, but it's fine if you're in a pinch. I'll do a new post when I churn out the Neapolitans in a couple of days.
  3. Can someone point me in the direction of a true 12" diameter pizza stone?? This will be for my KJJ setup.
  4. Thanks. Again, I just got the idea from @kamadobjorn. Definitely not a hard modification if you have the right tools.
  5. I posted this in the DIY section but here is what I did like @Kamadobjorn I did add aftermarket hardware to it though:
  6. I forgot to add that I have not moved the shelf up yet so my stacking is way overkill right now. I’ll adjust them later to reduce weight. Here’s the inside:
  7. Thanks to @Kamadobjorn for the inspiration. The table is the “Applaro” Line. The hardware that you see in the last pictures all came from Hobby Lobby. The table comes with a thin, cheap pull bar and nothing else, not even knobs for the doors. The cooler pic is just for reference as that was what I was doing prior to getting the table. The last pic is sans hardware just the way it comes from IKEA. I used Lenox 18TPI metal jigsaw blades with an adjustable speed jigsaw set to its lowest setting to cut the hole. I used this edge trim from Amazon: Trim If you have any other questions just ask. Cheers.
  8. KamadoHop

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    It's an excuse to make fire and drink beer.
  9. KamadoHop

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    I like doing a burn in because it's a great excuse to sit outside and drink beer. Just practice holding temps... Get it up to 225 and maintain it for 30 minutes or so then climb the ladder up to 250, 300, 350, 400, etc... Load the firebox (and the cooler) to capacity.
  10. KamadoHop

    Time to upgrade?

    Of course. If the post time stamp is accurate, then you've still got time to finish it on the BJ if you go now.
  11. I love using cast iron with my BJ. Not necessarily the grate, but I use my 12" and flat iron skillets all the time with mine. What will you be cooking most of the time? I've been doing fish a lot lately, and I'm about to spring for the stainless surface. Looks handy.
  12. I use the grate grabber tool to grab both the grate and the deflector rack simultaneously. One move, super easy. Sometimes I use gloves, other times I don't. If you grab it just right, it's pretty simple to add charcoal or wood chunks. Regarding using "foil wrapped chips"... Ditch that. Buy some bags of "chunks" and use the smaller pieces in the Junior. If you don't have a way to break down the chunks, use the chips and just distribute them out evenly across your coals only lighting one spot to get the fire going.
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