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  1. Thanks Grilling Chicken but no. Fire codes prohibit open flame on upper balconies of apartments and condominiums. I am stuck with electric
  2. Thanks everyone. I welcome all the advice you can give. Paul, yes my condo does have a common area for grills, they even have a gas grill there. But I am six floors up and at the other end of the building. Too far to move a smoker and if I leave it anyone could use it. Aussie Joe, in the US hot water heaters, ovens and cooktops run on 220v obtained by running two 110v feeds. 30 amp breakers are common but induction cooktops require larger wires and a 50 amp breaker. ElectrChef makes fancy electric grills see https://electri-chef.com For $3,000to $4,000 they should work but this is more than I want to pay and they are larger than I want on a balcony. The webpage has wiring diagrams. Please keep commenting
  3. Thank you for your reply. Yes, you are correct about watts. I think a kamado type grill would provide better heat retention than a metal can smoker but I don't know how many watts are needed. Do you have any idea? Fortunately I have a 220v circuit with a 30amp breaker on my balcony. That is enough for a normal kitchen cooktop so I should have the power. I might get enough heat to grill a steak. If not, I can at least slow cook or smoke. Old Sarge on the SmokingmetForums sent me these links http://www.wattco.com/calrodheater.html & http://www.tempco.com/Catalog/Section 13-pdf/Bulb_Capillary_Thermostats.pdf
  4. Please help. Florida fire codes prohibit the use of charcoal or gas grills on apartment and condominium balconies. This is probably true in most other states as well. I have a 220v outlet on my condo balcony for an electric grill but I don't know of any electric komado type grills. Someone is missing an opportunity to meet this demand with a new electric komodo or a retrofit kit. Is it feasible to retrofit a kamado grill with an electric coil? Has anyone done this? What brand kamado grill would work best for this?
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