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  1. I haven't looked back since building a table for a Akorn, the Akorn Camper is awesome. Love having the working surface to prep. Drawer for utensils, folding shelf for Akorn JR and more storage underneath. It's mobile enough for me with casters on one end with a handle on the other too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Thanks guys! The gurus were right, simple is better. Had some leftover ribs today and they were still so great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. And the spatula and press. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. I've done 5 or 6 rib cooks following the Nibble Me This recipe, doing foil a couple hours in then removing them from foil an hour later. A LOT of messy work and getting temps to re-stabilize. Today I cranked the heat up to 275-285 for a hour, three the ribs on and checked them at 3.5 hours. Not passing the bend test so I checked them at 4 hours, PERFECT. Sauced them lightly, back on for 10, and they are the best ribs I've done. So much more tender and it just falls off the bone. Thank, Kamado Guru, for the tips!!! Also, got a flat grill spatula and press from a friend that runs a local Culver's. Smashed some burgers on a cast iron skillet on the JR while the ribs were finishing up on the 'korn. No pics of the burgers, but they were phenomenal! These are now my go-to ribs and burgers, super tasty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Thanks! It's been awesome grilling with it, I love having the extra work surface. With a toddler and a 70# dog it's nice not having to go in and out the door 100x too.
  6. Man these look tasty! I'm going to give it a try next time we do burgers.
  7. Thanks a lot! The overall length/width/height was planned to be the same as the XL BGE table and I purchased a Cowley Canyon weatherproof cover with SurLast material. This was the main reason for the folding shelf, so I could buy an off-the-shelf cover instead of spending $400 on a custom cover. I wanted my table a certain height so I ordered some excess material of the same stuff and my wife is making little 4" extensions to make it cover completely and reach the ground. The wheels are orange poly on aluminum casters from Caster Connection, they're a supplier where I work. I'll get a picture with the cover on when I get home! It fits like a glove, very nice quality cover.
  8. Ditto. Beats the heck out of my factory stand! Thanks!!
  9. I hadn't really thought about long term with a glossy finish. I appreciate the tips, and now I'm glad it is how it is. I cut the legs down and got the grill set in the table late last night, I'll finish up the last remaining bits and post some pictures later!
  10. Thanks for the comments and insight everyone!
  11. I ended up sanding the paint and stain off of the top/side. Re-stained yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon I used a 70/30 mix of teak oil and Helmsman gloss spar urethane. I like how it came out, just wish it had a glossy top coat finish appearance. Might try Cetol 1 next time!
  12. Finally finished! What a relief... Just need to cut the legs on the 'korn and drop her in. Letting the finish cure for a couple days first though. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions!
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