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  1. Just aesthics from what I've read
  2. Today only igrill mini and kitchen thtermometer mini use the code INNOUT and get them both for $39.95
  3. Love that money shot!
  4. That looks yummy . Forgive my ignorance, but what does the Baking Powder on the underside do? Increase the crunch factor?
  5. Looks delectably juicy!!!
  6. That bird looks great! I think I may have to do one too
  7. Can never get enough of that kind of Therapy
  8. Mmmm... That money shot
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. That looks awesome!
  11. As expected, daylight had fled by the time is cook would be done but things turned out well. I'd foil wrapped some and left the others as is and they were equally tasty. A couple salmon filets and some corn got tossed on after pulling the ribs off. Made for a good version of surf 'n turf
  12. Sorry CeramicChef... No money shots as they're still basking in their domed prison. As for the iGrill2... I'm liking it a lot. Of course, I'm easily impressed by newfangled gadgetry
  13. Decided early in the afternoon to smoke some ribs knowing daylight would probably have faded away by the time we get our eat on but, hey, why not? Nothing special... Just pork ribs with a mustard spread and store bought rub and off they went into the grill set at 225. Will play it by nose and decide in a few hours if they get a foil wrap or not. I suppose it depends how anxious everyone is to eat. Oh, and picked up some salmon to grill after the ribs have had their turn. Gotta love having choices!!