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  1. I have to agree. Friends gave us a gift certificate for Morton's Steakhouse. It still cost us $150, but I told my wife that that $50 steak wasn't any better than what I can cook at home along with the grill asparagus and great red wine we already have on hand.
  2. Happy Birthday! Just turned 60 myself on Monday. Maybe now I can finally cook what I want!
  3. Spatchcock chicken and corn on the cob here. Beautiful day!
  4. I have to say, I've had my Akorn for just over a year now and it's like crack for me. I'm on this site every day looking for something new to cook.
  5. I've been disappointed in the last 2 bags of RO that I've bought. Mostly very small pieces. Lowes has Cowboy lump on sale for $5.99 a bag so I picked up a couple. I haven't open the bag yet. Anyone have an opinion on it?
  6. Just used the pan to catch the drippings.
  7. Don't know why the last pic is upside down, but you get the idea.
  8. I've had my Akorn for almost a year now and absolutely love it. I've cooked everything from butts to the Thanksgiving turkey, but hadn't done brisket until now. I started with a 6lb flat rubbed with Trader Joe's coffee steak rub, a full load of RO, and some mesquite chunks. Cooked around 8 hours at 250. Didn't wrap at the stall, but might try that next time. Pulled it at an IT of 195. Wrapped it tight and let it rest for an hour or so. Man, was that some good eating. Moist, tender, and most important tasty! Now I'm ready to do one for company. Thanks to everyone here for all of the great tips and inspirations.
  9. I did a 14 pounder for Thanksgiving. Brined overnight and cooked it around 300 with some applewood chunks. Juicy, tender and delicious! Wife said that it was the best turkey she ever had. That was I needed to know. It does cook al lot faster than you'd think. This was done in 3 1/2 hours.
  10. We do Puerto Rican here so it's pernil. Love that crispy skin!
  11. I've had my Akorn since May and I'm planning on doing the Thanksgiving turkey on it this year. To practice my technique, I did a 8 pound roaster chicken today. Brined it overnight in a rosemary and garlic brine and then smoked it at around 285 with some apple wood. 4 hours later...nothing but spectacular. Moist, not overly smoked, tender. Can't wait to do the turkey.
  12. I agree with a lot of the comments here. Friends gave me a Morton's gift card for my birthday so we went to one while on vacation. Cost me another $100 on top of the gift card. I was really looking forward to a great steak, but I told my wife, that I can cook a better Costco ribeye and asparagus than what I ate here. It's hard to beat a good reversed seared 1 1/2" ribeye on a kamado cooker for a 10th of the price!
  13. I've had my Akorn for just over a month and a half. I've been long cooking every weekend and sometimes during the week. The firebox is still half full and I have a quarter bag of lump left. A whole lot cheaper than propane and tastes a whole lot better!
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