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  1. Yes the pro series probes work with the newer Fireboards. There is a setting in the fireboard software to select the probe type.
  2. Yes the pro series probes work with the newer Fireboards. There is a setting in the fireboard software to select the probe type.
  3. My local Walmart had Western Lump $9.99 for a 30 lb bag. I've used 4 or 5 so far. It works great for grilling. I haven't tried it low and slow so I can't comment on that.
  4. In addition to my kamados I have a franken pellet grill. It's a pit boss with an aftermarket pid controller. I enjoy cooking on the pellet grill. I'm actually looking to upgrade to an larger, insulated pellet before the winter. I do most of my weekend cooking on the pellet. It's very convenient for quick meals. John posted in a recent thread about the differences in the fire and smoke on a pellet vs a kamado. He usual he was spot on. The pellet grill has a small hot burning, clean fire with high air flow. That affects the smoke profile
  5. Start early. Briskets can be held for several hours in a cooler or Cambro.
  6. I recommend that PBC ash pan. It makes cleanup a lot easier. The pbc works just fine with lump. It can also be used with just one rebar or none. It's probably the best rib cooker in my yard.
  7. I've gotten into stick burning over the last year so I've been learning a lot about wood. We have a lot of local pine that I've had to avoid. No worries. That's the beauty of this forum. We all learn from each other.
  8. Pine is a softwood and should be avoided for smoking meat. Beech is well know to produce a mild smoke. I've never used beech chunks or logs, but I do have some lumberjack pellets that are a mix of maple, beech and cherry.
  9. I would recommend the fireboard. Of the devices mentioned, I have a thermoworks smoke and two fireboards. I don't think I've used the smoke since I received my first fireboard, especially after the update which allowed me to use thermo works pro series probes with the fireboard. I do have the fan controller and a pit viper fan. I prefer to manually set my vents but it nice to have the fan set on the occasions when I need to use it.
  10. Wicked Good Jakes blend was my preferred lump until they discounted it. Wicked Good is based in MA so shipping was quick and cheap. I might have to try the Weekend Warrior.
  11. I have the Meater block and the probes charge from the block in a similar fashion.
  12. I just read threw this whole thread in a single sitting. Outstanding! @ckreef
  13. We currently have a glass top electric. Like any cook you have to keep an eye on how the food is cooking in the pan. Our next upgrade will be to induction.
  14. Congratulations on your purchase. I would also recommend a trial run with the vents. See if you can stabilize the temp at the bbq "standards" 225, 275 and 325 etc. However once you approach grilling temps throw on food on and get the ceramic dirty!
  15. Beautiful knives gentlemen!
  16. I would also recommend a pair of gloves for handling hot grill parts. They will really come in handy!
  17. I have one of the original Anova One. I was looking to add a second machine with the Sansaire Delta. Not that I really need a second one but I love my gadgets...
  18. I picked up a 240 mm gyuto around Christmas. I definitely prefer it over 210 mm.
  19. I lost a couple of $$$ with this news. I backed their new Delta Sous Vide machine on Kickstarter.
  20. Nice Bosco. I have a different set of stones from Jon at JKI but I also copied his sharpening "station" with the Cambro and sink bridge plus stone holder. It works very well and allows me to store everything neatly between sharpening sessions.
  21. My pellet grill gets the nod for cold smoking. I can set the controller only run the grill fan. The amaze tube supplies the all the smoke. Although in the winter I'm sure a kamado would work just fine.
  22. I haven't done too many mods to my Vision. One of my bands snapped so I had to install a replacement. I decided that was a good time to upgrade the gasket. I removed the lid shock and side tables at that time. That was a couple of years ago. I get some smoke from the top vent so it might be time to replace that gasket again.
  23. Walmart needs a better inventory system. I had a similar experience last spring. I went to several Walmarts searching for a OKJ Bandera smoker that was on clearance.
  24. A couple of thoughts. I don't know your bbq background but offsets have a learning curve. You may be setting yourself up for a rough cook day if you're buying an offset cooker on Weds to do a big cook on Friday. That doesn't leave much time to learn the cooker. I started out with a 22 inch kettle and a Pit Barrel Cooker. I fed a lot of folks with that combo. In your situation I would cook the ribs in the barrel and the sides on the AKORN. The PBC can cook eight racks of ribs at a time. That said, it doesn't appear that you have time to order a PBC. Another option on such short notice might be a vertical propane smoker. With a cheap cast iron skillet and some wood chunks these can cook up some decent bbq. Walmart had closeout deals on some of the Masterbuilt smokers.
  25. First thing...NEVER add water to a hot ceramic kamado. You can damage the cooker. I'm not familar with Nunyabiz's tutorial, however I only run the bottom vent wide open when I'm cooking for max temps to sear steaks. For smoking temperature cooks, my bottom vent is usually 1/4 open. I do have a kick ash basket in my Vision. If your're running the stock fire grate you might need to open it a tad more.
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