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  1. Thank you. Its 56×38×64
  2. BTW, are you planning on posting your progress? It'd be nice if you did. Sadly, THIS is my progress. Lot of planning. I have a nice piece of granite that my father in law had kicking around; so, I started planning for that but I didn't like my design. I'll get there. I don't think that it will compare to the ones posted here. But it'll be functional, for sure. Hey man I'm sure as you build it, it will come together. I had no woodworking experience but went head first into. Hope to see you actual progress [emoji1]
  3. BTW, are you planning on posting your progress? It'd be nice if you did.
  4. wow. i guess that i really undervalued the strength of a 2x4. thanks!Yeah it's really a nice option than to sit the lip of the Akorn on the top boards. Might get too hot for the boards.
  5. Thank you very much
  6. No problem. I cut slots into an extra set of supporting 2x4's for the flanges to sit on. Those sit flush in the cut and then the top boards get mounted and sets it in place.
  7. Yay! She's finally done and installed in her new home. Very proud of the end result. I added some led lights on the inside. Now all I need to is some bins with lids underneath to store my lump and wood. Hope you guys like it.
  8. Thank you Fred! [emoji1] [emoji4]
  9. Thanks fine sir =)
  10. July 5th finish? Looks more like July 4th you'll inaugurate it with a family cookout. Looks mighty fine . Did you use Kreg pocket hole jig for everything or just the vertical slats? Which jig do you have? Thanks Smoker08- I bought the Kreg junior for this project grossly underestimating the time it took to create ALL those pockets lol. But in the end it was worth it. I'm sure if I have more projects, I'll invest in a nicer more productive model. So, I have I elected to smoke ribs at my neighbors house on July 4th so I will be bringing my Akorn down the street to their house. If it wasn't that, this project would have been done already> I knew I had time so I worked on it little by little each weekend. Had a few buddy's over to help with some beer and enjoyed the experience.! But Yes July 4 I will be smoking =)
  11. Thanks guys!
  12. Hi Guys, So I've been following a lot of guys on here and got inspired to build a table for my Akorn, I'm not a work worker by any stretch but I have learned a lot along the way. I'm almost done with the build. July 5th will be the day I complete it. I used white pine on most of it totaling in $170 in wood alone. (All from the lumber yard) about $70 in hardware/Stain,prep etc.. It was supposed to be a simple build but as I went along I kept changing and adding as I went. Hope you guys like it. Stain I used which Im not entirely happy with is Thompson water Seal Natural Cedar tone. (The pigment was hard to lay down- steaks, darker areas) Added slots in the 2x4 so the Akron flanges can rest flush and secure Now for the Test Fit! Looking good! I really wanted to add doors but wast sure how to keep GOOD airflow while smoking low and slow So....Im cane up with screens! Added a frame the stapled the screen to the inside of the frame and then screwed in for a clean look. So far so good. Going to be adding led light inside and adding the hooks and Akorn and she'll be done!
  13. Hey- any updates on this? Have you had any board warping or anything out the ordinary from the heat?
  14. Haha, yes I saw you mentioned she was prego and saw she was helping out. Thats awesome. Good woman you have. Thanks for the advise. I'll try and move it in between inside and out of the garage when I'm ready.
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