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  1. I have debated a second Akorn just for this purpose. Serving one pizza at a time currently. Do you enjoy having two of the same grill or do you wish you had picked up something different?
  2. A co-worker just won a Snap On branded smoker. Does any one know who make these for Snap On?
  3. So my wife decided to help me out and put my grill away for me. She didn't realize the back caster was locked. When she started pushing the grill it tipped over on the same side as the handle. All of the force went into the lower bowl denting it in at least 1.5 inches. A couple of the rivets near the latch sheared during the fall as well. Luckily nobody was injured by the fall or the hot coals. Using a dead blow hammer and a short block of wood I started tapping out the dent. Focusing most of the tapping at the latch. I would occasionally close the upper lid using the seal as gauge of where I need to focus. Bring latch area out will pull the sides back in. The hammering was moving the inner bowl but not the outer. So when I got the inner bowl close I used a 3/16 drill bit and drilled out the rivets. Note you do not need to drill through the inner or outer bowl just through the head of the rivet. After all the rivets are removed lift the inner bowl out. I recommend wearing gloves as some of this sheet metal may have sharp edges. The red outer shell wasn't rigid enough to tap out with hammer. It had two much spring to it. Wearing leather gloves I placed one hand back by the hinge and pulled with the other at the latch area of the outer shell. Do not pull on the latch. I Open and close the lid until I was happy with seal. When I dropped the black inner shell back in my rivet holes almost lined up perfect but a few of them were now stretched oval. I drilled all new holes roughly halfway between the OEM rivet locations and two near the latch. I used 1/8 rivets and a 1/8 drill bit. This is a smaller rivet the OEM. I never liked how the rivets hit the seal so I wanted a small rivet head. Last I hit spots where the paint had come off of the inner bowl with some high temp gloss black grill paint. I should have done this before re-installing the inner bowl. This project only took 30 minutes and was fairly easy. My seal is close to factory quality if not better due to the smaller rivet heads.
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