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  1. I have a "S".......I had some Uni-Channel left over from a project.I cut two 7" sections and place them left and right side, in the Firebowl. Giving me enough clearance to still use the Electric Firestarter with Kick ### Basket.
  2. Well....How did he like it ? First Cook yet ?
  3. Open Top Vent Turn Top Vent to position 3, keeping the Top Vent fully open. WARNING: When using Quickchange Gas Insert, Top Vent must be locked open to position 3 at all times.
  4. Nothing like "Christmas in July" feeling........lol
  5. This was the VW's my Son and I had.....for some strange reason,we both got rid of them
  6. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Vision-Grills-Kamado-Professional-Ceramic-Charcoal-Grill-in-Orange-with-Grill-Cover-S-O4C1D1/206493536
  7. K'man...I found your Post.......Might have to give it a shot on my Jr.
  8. It looks like his Top Rack is a DIY Project. You can see by the welds on the Post/Grill.
  9. When I order my Jr. I forgot to order the cover. So I just picked this up at Walmart .
  10. I ordered one on their Website last Thursday, came in Tuesday !
  11. I screwed the Wing Brackets to the wood blocks. It doesn't a move at all now.
  12. I just played around, copying the Mounting system that SeminoleFan used for his Table.( Pic. #1) Still have to Stain it yet, in the future. UPDATE............. Stained the Table today. .
  13. I think ,the Cover was made to serve the purpose,and that is,to cover the Grill. Not fit like a Custom Fitted Suit? .
  14. I know it has been asked several times.......Didn't fine a answer? What size Diameter Hole was cut ,to install the Akorn ? . :?
  15. Just like my Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Skillet, just wipe them down and let it build a nice coating on it. Very seldom do I Wire Brush it.
  16. I've always Latched the Lid when cooking. I too,haven't had any issues with seeing any leaking. I also make sure that the Rim area ,that the Seal sets on,doesn't have any foreign objects on it. .
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