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  1. Was this at a regular Walmart or a Super Walmart? It was a super Walmart. They didn't have one put together on display... they were all boxed up on a back wall in the garden/grill department.
  2. My family and I were at our local walmart yesterday and they had four akorn jr's... listed at $128.99
  3. Beef ribs have turned into a staple at our house... Was skeptical at first but now I throw a side on with pork ribs and guess which will be eaten first. So far beef ribs have won out
  4. good looking cook there. i like putting it in a disposable tray prior to going into the cooler... last one i did was just wrapped in aluminum foil and made a bit of a mess.
  5. A couple tips that I've picked up along the way. - Remember it's easier to come up to temp rather than try to cool the Akorn off. If you're shooting for 350 degrees start shutting that thing down around 250-275 the come slowly up to temp and remember that any adjustment, top or bottom vent, takes about 20-30 minutes to affect the temp. I use the weber cubes also... a whole one for higher temp cooks and a half one for low and slow. I'm to the point now that I almost always use the Volcano method for my cooks and so far have been successful. - CI grate cleaning and seasoning... I use cooking spray (i.e. Pam) to season mine, it works great and covers evenly. Just don't spray it directly over a flame. As far as cleaning goes I'll scrape the goop after I pull the meat then after it cools completely, typically I wait overnight, I'll go back over the grate with either a wire brush or scraper to get any leftovers.
  6. good rundown there. did you flip to cook skin side down at all?
  7. growing up my parents always used charcoal. when i went to college i got a LP gasser for convenience. once i graduated college i bought a house that had a dedicated natural gas line set for a grill... so i used it. a few years back i started to miss that smoke flavor in what i grilled... i truly believe that the meat that came off of my natural gas grill didn't taste any different than what was cooked inside the house in our gas oven. so i bought a charcoal grill. for the next few years the gasser was only fired up once in a blue moon. after using the charcoal grill i started to figure out its limitations... it was difficult to go low/slow and high temp searing. also i realized that i really preferred lump to briquettes, but lump is a little difficult to maintain in a typical charcoal grill. so my search for something new started. i researched everything... vertical smokers, offset smokers, vertical offset smokers, charcoal/lp/electric smokers, pellet grills, you name it i researched it. my problem was that each of these were mostly a one-trick-pony. then a co-worker told me about his kamado and how steaks are just "better" off of them. so i ended up here on kamadoguru. i bought a Akorn, which so far i've found is a formidable kamado for it's price, and i couldn't be happier. now with all of this said i agree that kamado cooking can be viewed as a hobby, mainly because of the time, research, and effort that needs to be put into understanding how things work. the learning curve isn't steep... but not flat either. but after a while i believe it just becomes normal routine. i think without this site i would not have purchased a kamado. but luckily i found this site. i've talked with some friends about my Akorn, they ask if i like it and if i'd recommend it; so far i've said yes, but with disclaimer that you need to do some research into best practices... and i give out this site because without it i think the vast majority of we kamado users would be lost.
  8. rl_b81


    Yuengling Lager when I can get it... Also use it in marinades
  9. I've bought this before. Pretty good lump if you like mesquite lump charcoal... At least the bags carried at our local Sam's is mesquite. Need to pick up another bag when I'm at Sam's again.
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