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  1. Beef Chuck Short Ribs Recipe and Video

    Thanks. Jane brought home some short ribs, and I want to smoke them.
  2. I mostly use mine to grill. I just add a chimney of charcoal, adjust the vents to get 500. At that temp I open the top and grill. Once I started a small cube in a pile of charcoal and though I could take a nap while it heated up. Wrong, it got over 1000 degrees. But I still put steaks on and grilled them really fast.
  3. Akorn 2 Year Review

    I've had mine just under three years. I bought it through craigslist, but the prior owner had only seasoned the grate then put it in the shed for a year. Mine is outdoors, covered, year round. I mostly grill and bake in it, though I have done slow cooks on meat and stew. I haven't examined it minutely, but I would say it is still in like new condition. The grate had one crack when I bought it, it still has one crack. I would recommend this grill to anyone.
  4. Oatmeal molasses bread on the Akorn

    Looks great. I've just recently baked pecan raisin bran muffins and corn bread in my Akorn. I just have to remember to let the lump charcoal smoke off before baking. The muffins were just right, the corn bread a little smoky.
  5. Brunswick Stew

    When I first made my stew, there was a lot of it. A lot. I ate some, shared some, and froze about a gallon. Today I defrosted half and made chili of it. I just sauteed onions and peppers, added the meat stew, kidney beans, plenty of chili powder. It's good.
  6. Brunswick Stew

    I made my stew as above. It needed plenty of beer to cover, I used 3 bottles old Sam Adams and two bottles Guinness Extra Stout. It also got mushrooms and celery. Cooked low about 5 hours, pulled the meat off the bones. The lid did not fit tightly at first, so it got some smoke. It needs salt and pepper, I did not season it as the meat was seasoned when first cooked. Plenty of fat on top to skim when chilled. My old partner is something of a foody, and he loves it.
  7. Brunswick Stew

    Thanks. I'm planning a beef stew in the Akorn, and this gave me some guidance. I have leftover prime rib (mostly bones) and leftover corned beef which was boiled then baked. I am thinking onion, sweet potatoes, carrots, and stout.
  8. Thank you. I just did the same. it worked.
  9. I'm roasting some vegetables in the Akorn with the stone in place. When they are done I want to grill a steak. What is the best way to remove the stone? I don't have welding gloves, I do have those orange rubbery gloves. Those and a pot holder?
  10. Beer Can Chicken, Too Moist?

    Thank you for the suggestions. Keeper, thanks for the details.
  11. I cooked a beer can chicken in my Akorn tonight. An 8# Perdue Roaster on half a can of River Horse Hop Hazard. I used the KJ stand, added half an onion and a spoonful of rub. Salt and pepper outside. 350 with the smoking stone in place, took it out when the breast was 165. Everyone enjoyed it, but it was so juicy that it seemed steamed, it would not be hard to make it stew. Has anyone else had this problem? I guess the Akorn keeps enough moisture in there to make the beer unnecessary. My thought is that next time I'll put enough liquid to carry aroma from the seasoning, and no more. Any other suggestions?
  12. Interesting Kickstarter --- Laser razor...

    Pretty interesting Brad. I have no trouble with shaving. I use a multiblade razor and water. But I admire innovation.
  13. First smoke on the Akorn

    Cool! I find that my dome thermometer reads about 35 low. I try to check the grate temp by sticking a meat thermometer in the side. That works well until the fire burns over by that side. Anyway, it's not a precise science. I just smoked my first butt this week, it came out well. Good luck with yours!