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  1. Hi, I just bought a woo ring and stone for indirect cooking (Vision S Kamado). Did a test burn to see what temps were like. I absolutely nailed 400F. So hard I couldn't get it to cool to my target 350F at all. With lower dampers, one barely cracked and the other closed I couldn't get anything less than 400F. My questions. How much affect does the upper dome vent have on temp control? To smother the fire I close all vents in my attempt to lower the temp. But normally wouldn't I want the vent fully open otherwise to vent excess smoke? With the lower dampers closed the fire does die off and temps lower. But with it even just cracked open temps rise quickly back to 400F. What techniques would work to better control the temp? My direct cooks have been great. I just want to expand the repertoire and am looking for guidance on this. Thank you.
  2. What is the reasoning for using these baskets? Expedite cleaning after a cook?
  3. The thing is I like it too! The sending module works fine, the BT range is manageable and the software is "good enough" for me. It's just these probes are unacceptably cheap and disposable. Home Depot has a replacement probe (same jack size) at a 1/3 the price. I'm going to buy one and see if iGrill went all selfish proprietary or what. If the probes became a consumable but at a manageable price, I'll deal with it.
  4. After about 45 days and three uses I am very disappointed with this device. Probe tolerances are significantly variable. I noticed one in particular was clearly out of the ball park. The attached pictures show the test setup I did. - All four probes (three meat, one grill) suspended in a pot, not touching each other or the metal of the pot. - I added rolling boiling water which should have been close to 212 degrees. - Screen shots show the temperature plots. I swapped probe one and two to confirm it was the probe and not the receiver jack. You can see how variable the reported temperature is coming from the same medium. Additionally, the grill temperature probe (number four in the series) when in a grill stops working at about 500 degrees. When it cools off it returns to function. Lastly, the Bluetooth range is less than advertised. Outside, direct line-of-site, the range is maybe 20 feet. When it worked I liked it. But now, not so much. I would like to find an alternative to the way over priced probes this company sells.
  5. About two weeks ago I purchased a Vision Kamado S-series from Home Depot. So far, the food I've made has been quite good. I've only done the direct and raised-direct methods. I'll be buying some kind of indirect equipment soon. All-in-all I am very happy to move away from the gas grill to the Kamado. However, I have one area of disappointment with the equipment. That is the felt gaskets. When I first setup the unit I did a single burn, no food, just to check things out. Lighting and all went according to plan. I allowed the temperature to pass into the high 600's, almost 700 F. I was surprised at the state of the gaskets after one burn. That was after one burn. After four meals and one more clean burn the chimney gasket was pretty much burnt toast. You can see the remains of the now useless gasket on the ground. They crumble when picked up. Additionally, you can see the heat and smoke jets on the inside of the chimney assembly. I've a video of the smoke jetting out from under the rim of the chimney assembly. There was a lot of heat there. The main gasket is not holding up much better. For an otherwise good experience I am disappointed in the quality of these gaskets. I contacted the manufacturer and was told everything was ok and that the burn appeared to be normal wear. I simply do not agree. These gaskets are not sufficient. I understand it is a consumable and replaceable part of the whole but I think there ought to be more durability than what I have experienced. I've obtained a set of replacement Nomex gaskets from high-que (Amazon) and have already replaced the chimney gasket. I am hopeful they will last much longer. Just to close on a positive, the food I've prepared so far has been very good and we are liking the Kamado style of grilling and smoking.
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