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  1. I'm not really that fancy so does chicken and salmon count as surf and turf? River and yard may be a better description.
  2. Anyone know of or have a shelf for the E6? I've seen some shelves for the Weber kettles but I don't think they'll work with the Summit. Something like this? https://www.etsy.com/listing/877045422/side-table-for-weber-charcoal-kettle
  3. Akorn! For goodness sake, use more charcoal. Folks, this is just a rant because my wife is tired of hearing me complain. I cooked on an Akorn for 6 years and for the life of me, I can't break old cooking techniques. Since getting the Summit, I've struggled reaching my desired temp. The Akorn was smaller and a different shape. You can run those things for hours on a small load of fuel. My Summit seems to take half a bag of charcoal to do anything. Whether I'm searing steaks, roasting a chicken, or smoking a pork shoulder, I never load enough fuel. The baskets that came with the Summit will barely get the grill above 350F. I'm not complaining about the grill, just my failure to use it properly. I've had a couple of good cooks, but most have been a struggle. I just have to remember that this is not an Akorn. Load it up and let it burn!
  4. Looking at adding a temp controller to my Summit. Can't decide between the Thermoworks Billows w/ Smoke X4 or the BBQ Guru DX3. I'd appreciate some feedback on experience with these controllers.
  5. Ordered my Summit E6 yesterday from HD. I've been wanting one since the original version came out. We just bought a new house and the wife told me to get what I wanted. This is an upgrade from an Akorn, which served me well for 7 years. I agree the price is still a little elevated but the surface area gained over some competitors is significant. Plus, it's a Weber.
  6. Thank you! I'm also looking at the Billows.
  7. Can someone confirm whether the latest version of the Summit E6 has the knockout port? I don't see it in images on the Weber website. I'm looking to purchase soon and would like to install a fan and temp controller.
  8. Closeup of how the Akorn sits in the cart. Remove the Akorn shelves. Cut off the knobs that lock the shelves in place on the shelf brackets. Cut slots in the 2x4s of the frame. Sit the shelf brackets in the slots. If you don't have one already, this is a great excuse to purchase an oscillating saw/tool.
  9. Thanks for getting that photo in there. I thought I could hot link to Amazon Photos.
  10. Scrap wood cart for my 5 year old Akorn. It needs some love, but will most likely replace with new Akorn this summer. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/AEUxfX7zTVmwGI5XvQGnnw.uKr3ndHTRXsLZ47lo4o3j4
  11. I live in Alaska. I've cooked a pork shoulder for 10 hours at -35F. Akorn held 250 the entire time. My boss was astonished that I had pulled pork in January. She has a fancy Treager. Her electronics tend to fritz out around -10.
  12. Thanks. My taste buds really like smoke and curry together.
  13. I love before and after pics. Oiled up the bird. Rub consisted of garlic, salt, curry powder, ground ginger, rubbed thyme, and a touch of black pepper. Smoked over hickory on the Akorn.
  14. Yeah, so this happened. Fall apart tender. Good smoke. Bark was awesome. Thanks for the encoencouragement.
  15. So I wrapped at 165 and turned the heat down from "250" to "200". I'm just over 7 hours in and my temp is 193 on my meat thermometer. That seems much faster than what I anticipated. Just means a longer cooler rest.
  16. Thanks guys or ladies. I haven't checked. My dome temp is off by about 15 degrees,high, so if I keep my dome at 250 I should be pretty good. Yes, the rub is brown sugar heavy. It's a little of this and that, thrown together in a pinch kinda rub. The stall is a big concern for me. I'll keep a close eye on it over the next several hours. Thanks again for the great advice.
  17. 250F, but that's the dome gauge. I haven't checked it against a different thermometer. So that temp could be + or - 30 degrees or so. I have a turkey fryer bi-metal gauge that is actually very accurate. I've checked it against two other gauges. I'll slide that down the top vent to see where I'm at.
  18. I've asked some young soldiers from church to come help me paint the house today. Of course, I promised beer and bbq! I haven't tried a chunk of meat this large, 8.5lbs. Hope it's ready by 6pm tonight. Got it on just before 5am.
  19. Simply the best steak I've ever made. I'm kinda in shock. Pound and a quarter ribeye with a Weber steak rub. Total time was about 45 mins.
  20. Got a reverse sear starting. First time. Wish me luck.
  21. Just got an email from Chargriller. They are going to replace the lower body of the grill. I'd have to say that's pretty darn good customer service.
  22. New Akorn owner in Alaska here. I've been getting my bbq fix with a mini-UDS for a couple of years, but needed a larger cooker that could do an entire rack of spare ribs. I also have a large 4 burner propane grill for large cooks or quick dinners. The Akorn seemed like a good choice to increase my smoking capacity. Price point, weight, and versatility were 3 of my key buying points for the Akorn. I'm having a small issue with build quality but I'll get it figured out. Otherwise, I'm pleased with this grill. I'm a happily married father of 4, (another reason I needed a bigger smoker). Professionally, I'm an environmental compliance manager for a utility company. Water is my specialty. I'm looking forward to learning more techniques to expand my cooking abilities from the wealth of information contained in this site. Thanks
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